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Art Frankly
Art Frankly Interview with Anita Durst – Founder of Chashama
Anita Durst, founder of Chashama, has worked tirelessly for over 20 years to secure over one million square feet of space in New York City for artists. She believes programs like Chashama are the vital building blocks to ensuring cultural capital in New York City. More
Art Frankly
Art Frankly Interview with Hayley Ferber – Deputy Director of Chashama
Hayley Ferber is an independent curator, educator and artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her professional mission is to initiate and support creative opportunities in the arts. She accomplishes this in her daily role as Deputy Director of Chashama, a non-profit organization that transforms unused real estate into artist studios and exhibition spaces. More
Metropolitan Magazine
Creating Art from Chaos
In 2020, ChaShaMa (meaning in Farsi, “to have vision”) recognized its 25th year in existence, though focus was not on their annual, over-thetop fundraising gala, and instead on how the nonprofit could not only prevail but excel amidst major city-wide shutdowns and new pandemic protocols. “ChaShaMa is a great catalyst for recovery in the wake of the pandemic”, Durst says, seeing the opportunity to utilize the newly vacant properties left in the wake of the shutdowns. “We can be a bridge between the property owner, the artist, the small businesses, and the non-profits. We can help reignite the economy of New York and bring it back to life.” More
AM New York
New York City arts organization helps arts and businesses set up shop in vacant storefronts
“Right now, when you look at the city, you see all of these people leaving and the shuttered spaces, but there’s still a huge passion and many people who are here want to help it,” said Durst. “There is so much potential for helping, and Enliven NYC will help artists and businesses in their spaces until they get rented out. We’re still awake and alive, and New York is moving forward through this pandemic.” More
Bangkok Post
As pandemic closes New York stores, artists move in
With landlords struggling to fill vacated lots, Chashama is upping its efforts amid the pandemic and plans to add 100 spaces within the next year to the 150 studios it already operates. "Sometimes they say tragedy brings an opportunity. So this is an opportunity," says the artist known as Sir Shadow, performing his signature one-stroke drawings in a former furniture store in Manhattan. More
West Side Spirit
Chashama at 25: a talk with founder Anita Durst about creating platforms for artists
Art as the lifeblood of NYC’s culture: a talk with founder Anita Durst about creating platforms for artists in empty commercial spaces. As an organization, Chashama is simply a platform for artists, performers, and innovators to display their creative output through performances in rented property spaces. But as an institution, Chashama represents the “New York dream,” the artist’s passion to take their ideas and their work to the big city stage and have the opportunity to showcase, communicate, and inspire. More
The Village Sun
Darrell Thorne takes ‘window dressing’ to new heights
Chashama and the National Endowments for the Arts have partnered to present a unique exhibition, “Under Glass and in Color,” featuring the work of Darrell Thorne, the Out100 designer and performance artist known for his work with Madonna, Jennifer Hudson, Blondie and more. More
The Fordham Ram
Chashama Art Space Welcomes 25th Year
“(Chashama) awards $9 million worth of real estate to artists, subsidizes 200 artist workspaces, provides over 200 free art classes and gives 170 artists free space to present,” read the website. Chashama partners with owners of unused space and then turns that real estate into “activated” space, as Durst calls it. More
9/28/2017 Cheddar.com
The Company Has Property Owners Donating Space for Art
[Download]  [Link]
New Space to Present in Midtown Inaugurated With Two Shows
4/1/2017 broadway World
Yang Mai Challenges Traditional Forms in Made in China Installation
[Download]  [Link]
4/1/2017 broadway World
Chashama Presents SUBURBAN FORM
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3/28/2017 Wallpaper.com
Who runs the world? The second Whitney Houston Biennial offers an all-female spectacle
[Download]  [Link]
3/27/2017 Observer
A Whitney Houston-Inspired Art Show Puts Women Center Stage
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3/24/2017 Hyperallergic
The Greatest Biennial of All
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3/23/2017 ArtFCity
Finding Light (And An Ode To The Ass) In The 2017 Whitney Houston Biennial
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3/16/2017 Broadway World
Nadja Verena Marcin To Display Works In THE WHITNEY HOUSTON BIENNIAL
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3/15/2017 artnet news
The All-Woman ‘Whitney Houston Biennial’ Is Back, and It’s No Joke
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3/7/2017 Our Town
Spraying serenity
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3/3/2017 broadway World
Carole Feuerman Presents Art Installation With Chashama Foundation
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3/2/2017 UNTITLED Magazine
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2/24/2017 artnet news
The SPRING/BREAK Art Show Curator List Is Finally Here
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2/15/2017 ArtSlant
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2/9/2017 The Cooperator New York
“City of Tomorrow” Event Takes a Look at Real Estate’s Present and Future
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2/8/2017 artnet news
SPRING/BREAK Art Show to Move to Times Square Office Building
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