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AM New York
New York City arts organization helps arts and businesses set up shop in vacant storefronts
“Right now, when you look at the city, you see all of these people leaving and the shuttered spaces, but there’s still a huge passion and many people who are here want to help it,” said Durst. “There is so much potential for helping, and Enliven NYC will help artists and businesses in their spaces until they get rented out. We’re still awake and alive, and New York is moving forward through this pandemic.” More
Bangkok Post
As pandemic closes New York stores, artists move in
With landlords struggling to fill vacated lots, Chashama is upping its efforts amid the pandemic and plans to add 100 spaces within the next year to the 150 studios it already operates. "Sometimes they say tragedy brings an opportunity. So this is an opportunity," says the artist known as Sir Shadow, performing his signature one-stroke drawings in a former furniture store in Manhattan. More
West Side Spirit
Chashama at 25: a talk with founder Anita Durst about creating platforms for artists
Art as the lifeblood of NYC’s culture: a talk with founder Anita Durst about creating platforms for artists in empty commercial spaces. As an organization, Chashama is simply a platform for artists, performers, and innovators to display their creative output through performances in rented property spaces. But as an institution, Chashama represents the “New York dream,” the artist’s passion to take their ideas and their work to the big city stage and have the opportunity to showcase, communicate, and inspire. More
The Village Sun
Darrell Thorne takes ‘window dressing’ to new heights
Chashama and the National Endowments for the Arts have partnered to present a unique exhibition, “Under Glass and in Color,” featuring the work of Darrell Thorne, the Out100 designer and performance artist known for his work with Madonna, Jennifer Hudson, Blondie and more. More
The Fordham Ram
Chashama Art Space Welcomes 25th Year
“(Chashama) awards $9 million worth of real estate to artists, subsidizes 200 artist workspaces, provides over 200 free art classes and gives 170 artists free space to present,” read the website. Chashama partners with owners of unused space and then turns that real estate into “activated” space, as Durst calls it. More
Breathing Creative Life into Santa Fe’s Empty Buildings
The nonprofit organization Vital Spaces is expanding into the Midtown Campus, where they will have studio and exhibition space while the city evaluates potential long-term developers for the project.  Chashama, is a similar New York City organization founded by Anita Durst. Durst “has been instrumental” in helping Vital Spaces with the nuts and bolts of the operation and getting it off the ground. More
The New York Times
Helping Artists Find Studio Space
Chashama, a nonprofit that has partnered with property owners to turn unused spaces into art studios and presentation sites since the 1990s, has about 120 visual art studios that are rented at affordable rates via an application process. More
Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Red Hook Art Show Features 100 Artists in Pre-War Warehouse Ravaged by Sandy
The seasonal pop-up is the brainchild of two of the city’s largest artist-run organizations — the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition and ChaShaMa — and promises to be an “epic” showcase of “Brooklyn art now” in a building brimming with history. More
11/29/2010 IFC News
Babycastles Takes Manhattan
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11/23/2010 Gotham Gazette
Recession Could Provide Hidden Boost for the Arts
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11/21/2010 Uptowner
Old Brewery Boosts Harlem Artists
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11/17/2010 New York Examiner
New Chelsea development hosts third art exhibition
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11/17/2010 New York Post
Now On Display
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10/27/2010 New York City News Service
Art in Unlikely Spaces
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10/27/2010 NY Art Examiner
De-Coherent Histories
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9/19/2010 NY Pop Culture Examiner
Mixing +aRt, CARNIVORA and commerce in West Chelsea
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9/15/2010 New York Press
Nomadic City
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8/30/2010 Newark City Guide Examiner
Anita Durst and chashama - bring a positive energy to artists and communities alike
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8/3/2010 WNYC
Hidden City: Dean Radinovsky's Secret Chapel
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7/30/2010 nycedc.com
Artist as Entrepreneur project
7/14/2010 DNAinfo
Massive Art Installation Coming to Vacant Donnell Library
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2/16/2010 NYU's Daily Student Newspaper
Art comes back to the West Village
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1/20/2010 Clarin.com
Crece la tendencia de exponer arte en casas y locales vacios
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