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Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Coming Out in 'The Wash': The Bus Terminal's Laundromat Look
In recognition of Earth Month, the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) has unveiled an exhibit along its 42nd Street façade that focuses on the collection and clean-up of marine debris from New York City beaches. “The Wash” features 29 photographs of marine debris framed in a portal motif that resembles a line of washing machines. More
New York Post
State of the Art
Millions of square feet of office and retails space in the city remain empty. But some savvy commercial landlords have found new and creative uses for their buildings. More
The Art of Revitalizing the West Side’s Empty Storefronts
Tired of seeing all the empty storefronts? Locals are working on a plan to turn those windows into space that can be used for creativity.   ChaShaMa — a non-profit arts organization dedicated to creating art where you least expect it — is working to rejuvenate empty commercial space in Hell’s Kitchen and around the city. More
Atlantic Highlands Arts Council presents "The ChaShaMa Matawan 11"
The ChaShaMa Matawan artists recently suffered flooding to their studio spaces and the board members of the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council wanted to reach out to offer support and space for these artists to continue showing their work to the public during this time of crisis. The arts community in New Jersey is strong and we are very supportive of each other. More
Art Frankly
Art Frankly Interview with Anita Durst – Founder of Chashama
Anita Durst, founder of Chashama, has worked tirelessly for over 20 years to secure over one million square feet of space in New York City for artists. She believes programs like Chashama are the vital building blocks to ensuring cultural capital in New York City. More
Art Frankly
Art Frankly Interview with Hayley Ferber – Deputy Director of Chashama
Hayley Ferber is an independent curator, educator and artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her professional mission is to initiate and support creative opportunities in the arts. She accomplishes this in her daily role as Deputy Director of Chashama, a non-profit organization that transforms unused real estate into artist studios and exhibition spaces. More
Metropolitan Magazine
Creating Art from Chaos
In 2020, ChaShaMa (meaning in Farsi, “to have vision”) recognized its 25th year in existence, though focus was not on their annual, over-thetop fundraising gala, and instead on how the nonprofit could not only prevail but excel amidst major city-wide shutdowns and new pandemic protocols. “ChaShaMa is a great catalyst for recovery in the wake of the pandemic”, Durst says, seeing the opportunity to utilize the newly vacant properties left in the wake of the shutdowns. “We can be a bridge between the property owner, the artist, the small businesses, and the non-profits. We can help reignite the economy of New York and bring it back to life.” More
AM New York
New York City arts organization helps arts and businesses set up shop in vacant storefronts
“Right now, when you look at the city, you see all of these people leaving and the shuttered spaces, but there’s still a huge passion and many people who are here want to help it,” said Durst. “There is so much potential for helping, and Enliven NYC will help artists and businesses in their spaces until they get rented out. We’re still awake and alive, and New York is moving forward through this pandemic.” More
10/23/2014 How Design
"Cut Paper Artwork Exhibition to Check Out"
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9/29/2014 Meet Me Uptown
Arts Program Strives to Empower Harlem Youth
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9/11/2014 New York Amsterdam News
On the “A” with Souleo: Harlem’s Fashion Row Celebrates Byron Lars and Beverly Johnson
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9/3/2014 New York Daily News
Brooklyn Army Terminal to showcase 93 artist studios during rare public viewing
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7/1/2014 The Real Deal
Breaking Away From Rubber Chicken Dinners
6/12/2014 DNA Info
Performance Art Set to Enliven Vacant Storefronts Throughout the City
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6/12/2014 Art Nerd
How To Throw a Party: Call Chashama and See.Me
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6/11/2014 Real Estate Weekly
chashama sheds light on its good work
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6/10/2014 AVENUE Magazine
Anita's Way Brings You the 2014 chashama Gala
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After Dark: Meet NYC's Muffinhead, Artist And Nightlife Personality
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6/4/2014 REW-Online
Durst to party like its 1995
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4/24/2014 Studio International
Training to be an artist: art centres, residencies, collectives and subsidised studio venues in New York City
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4/22/2014 Next New Yorkers
Artwork Auction to Benefit Affordable Workspace for NYC Artists
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3/7/2014 artnet
The Tacky, the Shiny, and the Banksy at SCOPE New York 2014
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