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Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Visit dozens of artist studios this weekend at the Brooklyn Army Terminal
For this weekend only, residents will have the unique opportunity of exploring the Brooklyn Army Terminal, visiting the complex’s art center and viewing the work of 96 different artists at Chashama’s Open Studios. More
The Company Has Property Owners Donating Space for Art
Non-profit Chashama works with property owners to create affordable studio space for artists in the expensive New York market. Founder Anita Durst explains what property owners get out of the deal. More
broadway World
Chashama Presents SUBURBAN FORM
With their development of urban areas, humans not only overlaid their living patterns onto nature, but saw this phenomenon as an extension of nature. Suburban Form plays with this idea, suggesting a system of suburban constructions that mimic natural systems. More
Who runs the world? The second Whitney Houston Biennial offers an all-female spectacle
Three years ago, artists Christine Finley and Eddy Segal were talking about the Whitney Biennial. If she were curator, said Finley (known professionally as C Finley), she’d mix things up by filling three floors with art by women. More
12/22/2011 New York Times
Send In the Food Trucks
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11/14/2011 Ridgefield Patch
SPHERE Takes New York by Storm: Group's Movie Featured at chashama Film Festival
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10/31/2011 Metro Focus
No Vacancy: Turning Empty Spaces Into Cultural Pop-Ups
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10/14/2011 Blog
COTO Film to Screen at Chashama Film Festival
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10/4/2011 Abe's Penny Blog
Will Corwin's Tanis: Welthaupstadt at Chashama
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9/21/2011 inhabitat New York City
72 Hour Urban Action: Real Time Architecture Festival Coming to Long Island City in 2012
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9/20/2011 ArtDaily.org
El Museo's Biennal extends to The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance and Lehman College Art Gallery
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9/3/2011 Inhabitat NYC
Dumpster Pools Return to NYC at The Palms!
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8/15/2011 NY Daily News
Vacant Long Island City bank transformed into pool party hotspot
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8/9/2011 New York Post
Art of the city - Harlem is alive with creativity
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6/6/2011 New York Times
A Theater Is Conjured, Then Leaves Only Memory
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6/4/2011 El Museo.org
Chashama at the Donnell
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6/1/2011 Times Square Arts
The Partner Project Scene in Public
4/2/2011 ArtSlant New York
In the Windows
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3/3/2011 New York Times
Spare Times for Mar. 4 - 10
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3/1/2011 Queens Ledger
Brooklyn artists find an affordable home
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2/22/2011 Urban Omnibus
21st Century Pastoral: The Blithedale Romance at Chashama 42nd Street Gallery
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2/22/2011 Queens Courier
POWER OF ART: Galleries bring empty storefronts to life
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2/7/2011 The Street Spot
Pantheon NYC on view 24/7 thru 4/17
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