Upcoming exhibitions
Welcome To My House
Carmen Teixidor

The artist, Carmen Teixidor, has chosen to present samples of her work divided into three parts—Welcome to My House, figures, and self-portraits—all digital prints created over the years. The title of this presentation is based on the largest print in the show, an open house revealing twenty scenes, each a digital composition of photographs, video stills, and other original elements.
Feb 1 —
Feb 22, 2020
320 W 23rd St.
Opening Reception
Feb 1st
Hui-Ying Tsai & Jonathan Grover

This exhibition shows several interactive sound pieces in the form of shells that symbolize pure and poetic wonder in the universe. Shells are widely used in ancient rituals and ceremonies to communicate with the unknown across cultures. History and mythology underlie the foundation of spirituality. It is a continuously evolving relationship that reflects on both a physical and spiritual level in everyday life.
Feb 4 —
Feb 27, 2020
55 Ave A. (172 E 4th St.)
Opening Reception
Feb 6th
Rebels I Know
Boris Torres

Rebels I Know exists in a queer time and space. Queer time, distinct from queer identity, is a way to move beyond the to-do lists and everyday hustle to connect more deeply to parts of ourselves in others.
Feb 13 —
Mar 1, 2020
21 Greenwich Ave
Opening Reception
Feb 13th
Times Square As You’ve Never Seen It
Thelma Appel

*Postponed; start date is tentative.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal and Chashama present an exhibition of large, colorful paintings by Thelma Appel featuring imaginative representations of Times Square in the “Project Find” space located at 9th Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Appel’s exhibit Times Square As You’ve Never Seen It will be on view 24 hours a day.
Feb 15 —
May 18, 2020
Port Authority Project Find Space

Current exhibitions

ECHOensemble comes together in an awareness-based practice of repetition and evolution called SHIFT, born from Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, Steve Reich’s “process music”, and Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, and years of messy research. They have performed for the CREST Festival at Teatro Latea, NYC; Basement Gallery in Bushwick; Dixon Place in Manhattan, and in residence at Dragon’s Egg in Mystic, CT. Individually, they are award-winning, internationally-touring musicians, dancers, composers and choreographers.
Jan 18 —
Jan 27, 2020
1 Brooklyn Bridge Park
ECHOensemble presents echo/chamber
Jan 25th
Don Harger

Don Harger's paintings all come from a playful, intuitive and haptic art-making process. Minimal swaths of color juxtaposed with a gestural history of mark making from knives full of paint. Many panels or multiples set up situations that guide and direct the action.
Dec 13 —
Feb 8, 2020
60 Main St., Matawan
New Jersey
Opening Reception
Dec 13th
Breathe Easy
Tyler Beard
presented by Deanna Evans Projects

Deanna Evans Projects is excited to announce a solo exhibition with Tyler Beard, Breathe Easy. The exhibition will include a selection of new paintings, objects, and frames placed within wood partisans built by the artist.
Jan 16 —
Feb 8, 2020
21 Greenwich Ave
Opening Reception
Jan 16th
Matthew Morrocco
presented by The Olympia Project

The Port Authority Bus Terminal, Chashama and The Olympia Project will present Orchid.Seasons, a selection of photographs by Matthew Morrocco at the Port Authority Bus Terminal’s “Project Find” space on 9th Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. The work will be viewable starting the evening of October 10.
Oct 11 —
Mar 2, 2020
Port Authority Project Find Space

There Is Too Much to Discuss
Lee Russell Holin

As a lifelong New Yorker and street artist for over a decade, Lee Holin has been able to witness first-hand the rapidly shifting landscape and expedited gentrification occurring in every usable corner of post-9/11 Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. From SoHo to Brownsville, spaces once adorned with graffiti and urban art representing the voice of a neighborhood began to vanish, and along with them the inhabitants who could no longer afford to live there. 
Jan 23 —
Mar 17, 2020
1155 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby
Opening Reception
Jan 30th
Sonic Sunlight
Sasha vom Dorp

Vom Dorp brings you evidence of a minute history, in which no instance is petty and every instant too complex to perceive in its entirety. A moment is all time, an atom the universe. These photographs aim to capture the beauty and turmoil that occurs inside the most pedestrian events. Sunlight bounces on water, sound waves march toward oblivion.
Jan 16 —
Apr 1, 2020
675 Third Ave - Lobby

Natalia Wróbel

In her paintings, Natalia Wróbel creates portals into liminal realms beyond our physical world.  Wróbel references ancient architecture, elements from nature, musical harmony and dissonance, neural networks, and mindfulness philosophy to elicit imagined, meditative pseudo-landscapes.
Jan 9 —
Jun 6, 2020
151 W 42nd St. - Lobby
Opening Reception
Jan 16th
9 Months 2 Seasons
Myke Karlowski

Myke Karlowski’s work focuses on the passage of time and his own experiences with time-space synesthesia. The palette throughout the work translates moments and units of time into color. Routine layering and manipulation of the painting surface further exposes each piece to time through accumulation and erosion. Each painting is a journal of real and personal events and an artifact reflecting its own history of development.
Jan 14 —
Jun 15, 2020
733 3rd Ave - Lobby

New Paintings
David Bender

The complex interconnectedness of everything. It's a pretty grandiose statement, but it's really just another way of saying that we are all connected; made from the same stuff that formed our Sun, Earth and the rest of the universe. The group of paintings that will be exhibited are about his presence in the universe.
Jan 21 —
Jun 19, 2020
1133 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby
Opening Reception
Jan 23rd
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