Upcoming exhibitions
Hot Edges
Rachel Gisela Cohen and Carlos Rosales-Silva

Hot Edges is a site-specific installation and collaboration between New York City-based artists Rachel Gisela Cohen and Carlos Rosales-Silva. Both artists\' work is based in a language of painting and abstraction, which relies heavily on elements of texture and visual play. For this collaboration, Carlos Rosales-Silva will begin the installation by creating a large mural wall painting, as Cohen will cut, stretch, and staple various layers of collected and recycled textiles throughout the space.
Oct 3 —
Oct 17, 2020
266 W 37th St.

New Camerata Opera

The fifth season of New Camerata Opera will commence with Masquerade - a live, socially-distanced concert of operatic gems performed at Anita's Way.  Artists will perform select pieces of work from the standard opera canon as well as more obscure works, donning formal attire and elaborately designed masks to promote safety and self-expression.  Masquerade will feature pieces from a wide variety of composers including Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Lili Boulinger, Kurt Weill, and more.
Oct 22 —
Oct 22, 2020
137 W 42nd St. - Anita's Way

VOYEUR: The Windows of Toulouse-Lautrec
Bated Breath Theatre Company

VOYEUR: THE WINDOWS OF TOULOUSE-LAUTREC invites you to peer through the windows of old Paris, where unexpected moments of art, beauty, and seduction await you during this pandemic-friendly theatrical walking tour. In this open-air, intimate theatrical experience, you and five other masked audience members will be guided through the dreams of iconic artist Toulouse-Lautrec as he recalls his final absinthe-laced years living and working in Montmartre.
Sep 30 —
Nov 7, 2020
21 Greenwich Ave

Current exhibitions
Open (Enclosed) Studio
by Lina Puerta

In Open (Enclosed) Studio, artist Lina Puerta will occupy the space as her temporary studio, viewable 24/7 to the public, through the Store Front Window. Through out the month, the artist will be actively working on her most current work and viewers would be able to witness her process and progress of the work she would be developing. Some of her past and recent work will also be on display and viewable from the street.
Aug 11 —
Sep 30, 2020
7 E 14th St.

Works on Paper
Zahra Nazari

Works on Paper is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by artist Zahra Nazari that demonstrate a larger body of work from the past decade. This exhibition represents a range of abstract and architectural paintings, prints, and drawings that explore her dreamlike color palette of phthalo blue, green, magenta, and yellow, in addition to her black and white series.  Nazari works in a wide range of mediums, such as sculpture, installation, drawing, and painting, and utilizes different materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, wood, canvas, and paper. Amongst all the mediums used in her work, the paper has always been a constant and primary surface in her art practice. This exhibition also highlights several works on Mylar, which have been her focus for the past 5 years.
Sep 23 —
Oct 17, 2020
340 E 64th St.
Opening reception
Sep 23rd
by The Art Students League of New York

In its first Exhibition Outreach show with Chashama, The Art Students League of New York presents: Fantasia.

Fantasia is an eclectic series of works by League students working across a range of media. This show’s mixture of forms, like its musical namesake, celebrates spontaneity and the gathering of distinct styles to create harmony. This year's global health emergency has greatly impacted artists but has not drained their inspiration nor halted their practices. As the city slowly starts to reawaken, we invite you into the imaginations of artists who have continued composing through the pandemic.
Sep 1 —
Oct 30, 2020
1 Brooklyn Bridge Park

Sonic Sunlight
Sasha vom Dorp

Vom Dorp brings you evidence of a minute history, in which no instance is petty and every instant too complex to perceive in its entirety. A moment is all time, an atom the universe. These photographs aim to capture the beauty and turmoil that occurs inside the most pedestrian events. Sunlight bounces on water, sound waves march toward oblivion.
Jan 16 —
Nov 1, 2020
675 Third Ave - Lobby

Natalia Wróbel

In her paintings, Natalia Wróbel creates portals into liminal realms beyond our physical world.  Wróbel references ancient architecture, elements from nature, musical harmony and dissonance, neural networks, and mindfulness philosophy to elicit imagined, meditative pseudo-landscapes.
Jan 9 —
Nov 1, 2020
151 W 42nd St. - Lobby
Opening Reception
Jan 16th
9 Months 2 Seasons
Myke Karlowski

Myke Karlowski’s work focuses on the passage of time and his own experiences with time-space synesthesia. The palette throughout the work translates moments and units of time into color. Routine layering and manipulation of the painting surface further exposes each piece to time through accumulation and erosion. Each painting is a journal of real and personal events and an artifact reflecting its own history of development.
Jan 14 —
Nov 1, 2020
733 3rd Ave - Lobby

New Paintings
David Bender

The complex interconnectedness of everything. It's a pretty grandiose statement, but it's really just another way of saying that we are all connected; made from the same stuff that formed our Sun, Earth and the rest of the universe. The group of paintings that will be exhibited are about his presence in the universe.
Jan 21 —
Nov 1, 2020
1133 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby
Opening Reception
Jan 23rd
There Is Too Much to Discuss
Lee Russell Holin

As a lifelong New Yorker and street artist for over a decade, Lee Holin has been able to witness first-hand the rapidly shifting landscape and expedited gentrification occurring in every usable corner of post-9/11 Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. From SoHo to Brownsville, spaces once adorned with graffiti and urban art representing the voice of a neighborhood began to vanish, and along with them the inhabitants who could no longer afford to live there. 
Jan 23 —
Nov 1, 2020
1155 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby
Opening Reception
Jan 30th
Matthew Morrocco
presented by The Olympia Project

The Port Authority Bus Terminal, Chashama and The Olympia Project will present Orchid.Seasons, a selection of photographs by Matthew Morrocco at the Port Authority Bus Terminal’s “Project Find” space on 9th Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. The work will be viewable starting the evening of October 10.
Oct 11 —
Nov 2, 2020
Port Authority Project Find Space

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