Upcoming exhibitions
After a Fashion: The Funeral Clothes Project
Spencer Merolla

After a Fashion (The Funeral Clothes Project) is a series of fabric artworks made from clothing worn in mourning.
Oct 27 —
Nov 3, 2018
266 W 37th Street
Opening Reception
Oct 28th
Unfolding A Cube
Owen Schuh
presented by
Silas von Morisse

Owen Schuh draws his inspiration from mathematical rules, algorithms and complex organic systems. In particular, he is fascinated by simple sets of well-defined rules that generate unexpectedly intricate and nuanced structures. His work is painstakingly created by hand, using at most the aid of a pocket calculator.
Oct 26 —
Nov 24, 2018
7 East 14th St
Opening Reception
Oct 27th
Noelle Wiegand

Presented as part of New York City Jewelry Week, Dissemination is a work that features 5,178 wearable components.
Nov 10 —
Nov 26, 2018
266 W 37th Street

Current exhibitions
Never Mind the Bullocks
LatchKey Gallery

LatchKey Gallery is pleased to present Never Mind the Bullocks, a group exhibition featuring artists Darryl Westly, Inna Babaeva, Steven Fragale and Toby Barnes which examines contemporary art through a meta-modernist lens.
Sep 18 —
Oct 21, 2018
One Brooklyn Bridge Park
Opening Reception
Sep 18th
Crown Colony
Carol Salmanson

Crown Colony takes a light approach, in both senses of the word, to address a serious topic. As pedestrians walk down the street they will immediately recognize the architectural imagery, and as they learn more about the artwork's sources they will have a new appreciation for a distinctive period in our city's history.
Sep 12 —
Oct 22, 2018
266 W 37th Street

Green Dot
Jonathan Fischer

Why a green dot?
Sep 27 —
Oct 28, 2018
7 East 14th St

Pajtim Osmanaj

Inspired by his birthplace, Kosovo, Pajtim Osmanaj’s most recent work is a representation of the landscapes of his youth.
May 31 —
Oct 31, 2018
4 Times Square Lobby
Lobby Reception
Jul 12th
James Seffens

Seffens’s painting are rendered in rust-proofing enamels combined with Japan Colors, a type of oil-based paint often used in sign-making. The works represent some of the artist's life experiences, such as growing up on the rural edge of a village; fishing; road trips; and moving to New York City.
Sep 8 —
Nov 4, 2018
Port Authority Windows

The World in Our Hands
Carla Gimbatti

When Carla Gimbatti began using fingerprints and hands as a way of portraying people, she was struck by their singularity and beauty.
Aug 16 —
Nov 8, 2018
733 3rd Ave Lobby

Prince of Hearts, Queen of Spades
Rachel Phillips

Rachel's work is a composition of animated objects and cartoon-like characters with "attitude." They play off each other in a humorous yet disconcerting manner. These scenes describe emotional discontent, irrational behavior, and strange occurrences.
Aug 16 —
Nov 8, 2018
1133 Avenue of the Americas Lobby
Sep 20th
Rapid Eye Movement
Guerrillas in the Midst

By engaging with members of diverse communities, convening artists shunned by conventional institutions, and occupying makeshift spaces, GUERRILLAS IN THE MIDST makes room for artistic “outsiders” to be seen through art exhibitions, community outreach and art education.
Oct 16 —
Nov 10, 2018
273 Bleecker St
Opening Reception
Oct 18th
Almost Everything Else, Vol. 1
Tucker Nichols
presented by ZieherSmith

Nichols' recent work is more complex and layered than previous exhibitions, marking the artist's interest less in simplification of seemingly complex phenomena, and more in the depiction of complexity itself.
Oct 11 —
Nov 17, 2018
485 Madison Ave
Opening Reception
Oct 15th
beautiful furniture reimagined from old wood and metal
mebl | Transforming Furniture

This showcase is presented by mebl | Transforming Furniture, a new social enterprise, with a previous exhibit held at Chashama's 470 Vanderbilt. mebl’s passion is beautiful high-quality furniture, handcrafted from old used wood and metal. They promote talented furniture-makers and encourage more sustainable practices across the industry. Their aim is to bust through narrow perceptions of “reclaimed wood furniture,” expand this marketplace, and make you and the artisans really happy.
May 17 —
Nov 22, 2018
7 East 14th St


A.S. Mastroianni's work is a result of a rarification of process and dissection from earlier explorations within her painting process.
Jul 10 —
Nov 29, 2018
1155 Avenue of the Americas Lobby
Sep 13th
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