Upcoming exhibitions
Sadie Rebecca Starnes
and Sophie Parker

A collaborative exhibition of work by Sadie Rebecca Starnes and Sophie Parker, Hothouse considers the resonance of radiation well beyond tangible borders—be they personal, national and even temporal.
Jan 18 —
Jan 27, 2019
7 East 14th St
Opening Reception
Jan 18th
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In a true sense, the work presented in this exhibition is a combination of six decades of living, loving, and painting.
Feb 1 —
Feb 3, 2019
7 East 14th St
Opening Reception
Feb 1st
Visual Meditations
Sabrina Puppin

Sabrina Puppin’s work is an abstract visual interpretation of reality in which she attempts to understand and appreciate abstraction as a phenomenon perception and inclusion in reality, where each and every perception by anyone is a valid attempt to understand the truth. Perception based on abstract interpretation is an intrinsic part of reality, not a false image imposed upon it.
Jan 26 —
Feb 23, 2019
485 Madison Ave
Opening Reception
Jan 26th
Jason A. Cina

As a painter Jason works unwittingly opposite against a crisp photographic viewpoint resulting in reactionary arrays of color and reliance on rudimentary forms; elemental materials weathered and decayed outlined with an artificial vibrancy.
Jan 23 —
Apr 23, 2019
Lobby - 733 3rd Ave

Organic Fantasia
Elizabeth Knowles

Utilizing a variety of media, Elizabeth Knowles’ work reveals both static and dynamic patterns in nature recurring on different scales of perception. This exploration of natural patterns connects landscapes and life forms, physiology and physics, death and detritus, growth and form.
Jan 24 —
Apr 30, 2019
Lobby - 675 Third Avenue

Current exhibitions
Atmospheric Perspective: A Contemporary Approach to a Traditional Technique
NY Artists Circle
curated by Christina Massey

This group exhibition by members of the NY Artists Circle takes a new approach to visualizing what exactly is the air we breathe and live in today.
Dec 21 —
Jan 19, 2019
485 Madison Ave
Opening Reception
Dec 21st
Parallel Universe
Lindsay Packer

Extended! Lindsay Packer plays with the call and response of color, light, and found materials.
Dec 12 —
Jan 20, 2019
One Brooklyn Bridge Park

From Tokyo to Berlin
Matthew Cole
Presented by
Silas von Morisse

From Tokyo to Berlin is the culmination of three years of travel (from 2015 to 2018) both east and west, absorbing a long history of cross-cultural pollination into his paintings.
Jan 11 —
Jan 27, 2019
21 Greenwich Ave
Opening Reception
Jan 11th
Donna Rocco

Photographer Donna Rocco adds vibrant color to Hell’s Kitchen.
Dec 3 —
Jan 30, 2019
Port Authority Windows

Mantras for Involuntary Nomads
Stacey AS Pritchard

Stacey AS Pritchard's latest work involves combining, drawing, sculpture, and painting with a variety of materials to create glimpses into small narratives, that touch on current events and especially the state of children in crisis. Currently the stories revolve around the themes of dislocation, war, emotion, and instinctual reactions to the current world.
Jan 12 —
Feb 2, 2019
New Jersey
Opening Reception
Jan 12th
Tides Project: Abyss
Maura Nguyen Donohue
& Damiano Bagli

Maura Nguyen Donohue continues her work with reclaimed plastics and dancers in collaboration with Italian sound occultist and scenic designer Damiano Bagli, meeting his low frequency sound, high impact noise, video, sculpture and light to offer visitors a submerged world where the realm of final decomposition is a respite from production, a gateway to repose and contemplation before the cycle of regeneration begins again.
Jan 11 —
Feb 2, 2019
320 West 23rd St

Inner Geographies
Jessica Maffia

Maffia conducted a photoshoot in which she embodied specific memories, emotions, and experiences. This manifested in a series of over 500 greatly varied poses. The most salient poses became small paper silhouettes, exhibited here at 266 W 37th St.
Jan 11 —
Feb 8, 2019
266 W 37th Street

beautiful furniture reimagined from old wood and metal
mebl | Transforming Furniture

This showcase is presented by mebl | Transforming Furniture, a new social enterprise, with a previous exhibit held at Chashama's 470 Vanderbilt. mebl’s passion is beautiful high-quality furniture, handcrafted from old used wood and metal. They promote talented furniture-makers and encourage more sustainable practices across the industry. Their aim is to bust through narrow perceptions of “reclaimed wood furniture,” expand this marketplace, and make you and the artisans really happy.
May 17 —
Feb 18, 2019
7 East 14th St

Shifting Coastlines
Karen Fitzgerald

The piece on display, Pearl, was produced as a suite of 6 sixty-inch-diameter paintings for a collaboration with composer Charlie Griffin called Shifting Coastlines. The title of the suite as a whole suggests to the viewer that they can perceive the edges of the shell as moving and shifting—certainly this is a pertinent idea as our coastlines literally shift and change with climate change.
Nov 13 —
Feb 28, 2019

Mother Earth Aqua
Anthony Horth

Renowned international fashion photographer, Anthony Horth explores beauty beyond the material as he captures the world’s landscapes with his photo series, Mother Earth AQUA.
Jan 16 —
May 6, 2019
Lobby - 1133 Avenue of the Americas
Mar 28th
Crafty Collusion
Christina Massey

In a world that wants quick sound bites, these works are complicated. They are simultaneously painting and sculpture, craft and fine art and they even appear both soft and sharp at the same time.
Jan 16 —
May 28, 2019
Lobby - 151 West 42nd Street
Jan 24th
Diamond District Windows
Alícia Degener, Ann Tarantino, Jisook Kim, and the Lower Eastside Girls Club

The windows of a vacant Diamond District storefront, transformed with site-specific works.
Dec 21 —
Jun 16, 2019
Diamond District Windows

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