Current exhibitions
Box of Delights
Chelsey Pettyjohn & Rachel TonThat

Box of Delights builds on the theme of children’s stories and references antique bestiaries and shadow play, using light to evoke classical methods of narrative by the fireside. The cut paper figures of this installation are dormant; waiting to be brought to life, to be given breath and movement, to be animated by imagination.
Jan 26 —
Feb 24, 2024
266 W 37th St.
Opening Reception
Jan 26th
Art to Ware

Explore a carefully curated selection of one-of-a-kind garments and accessories created from upcycled materials, showcasing the latest designs from up-and-coming talents, hand selected by A2W founder and fashion influencer, Lesley Ware.
Jul 18 —
Mar 1, 2024
The Oculus
Opening Reception
Aug 11th
Urban Threads
Harlem Needle Arts

Urban Threads (UT) is a curated fiber and needle arts boutique and creative space exhibiting and selling works representing wearable art, quilt art and accessories, indie yarn, traditional African textiles i.e. adire and batik, bead art, industry publications, posters, Haitian veves and textile designs. The work of invited artists include but not limited to: Alex Reynoso, Michael Cummings, Sylvia Hernandez, Oluwaseyi Awoyomi, and Jasminea Burity.
Mar 19 —
Mar 19, 2024
1791 Lexington Ave

C.O.M.P. Studios
By Rochester Contemporary Art Center

C.O.M.P. Studios is a artist studio and gallery space located in the center of Rochester, New York, presented by Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo).
Jun 1 —
Apr 30, 2024
339 East Avenue, Rochester
Upstate NY

Hidden Jewelbox Theater
The Love Show

The Love Show has once again transformed a former Mrs. Fields cookie shop in the Port Authority Bus Terminal into a pop-up theater and live arts event venue. The space is alive with The Love Show's original dance and theater performances, and the company will also host other performance artists in the community, with artisanal pop-ups, and shows ranging from comedy to magic, puppetry, and live music.
Feb 8 —
May 3, 2024
Port Authority Performance Space

Approaching Distance
Todd B. Richmond

Approaching Distance, solo exhibition, features the most recent series of paintings by Todd B. Richmond – "Manzanita 01 and 02" (2022), and "Woodgrain, Fruits and Blossoms 01, 02 ,03" (2023).
Jan 24 —
May 21, 2024
1155 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby

Shifting Landscape Echoes
Sophia Chizuco

Shifting Landscape Echoes features 8 abstract landscape paintings by the Brooklyn based artist Sophia Chizuco. The exhibition features the two landscapes with lines in oil color and six square pieces with circles in acrylic, including representations of the four seasons, “blooming,” “waterfall,” “colored mountains,” and “falling night.”
Jan 25 —
May 23, 2024
675 Third Ave - Lobby

Standard Showroom and Workshop
By Kaleb Hunkele

Standard Showroom & Workshop is a community artspace dedicated to providing access to art, for both viewing and participating, with a focus on print and education.
Jul 31 —
May 31, 2024
171 East State Street, Ithaca
Upstate NY

Art in the Atrium
by CNY Arts

Art in the Atrium is presented by CNY Arts, in collaboration with the City of Syracuse, which repurposed the City Hall Commons Atrium to provide a multidisciplinary gallery and programming space for Central New York Artists.
Jun 7 —
Jun 1, 2024
Syracuse City Hall Atrium
Upstate NY
Expressive Inclusion
Nov 24th
Ketta Ioannidou

Unravel is a solo presentation by the Brooklyn-based artist Ketta Ioannidou featuring 7 paintings from 2022 - 2023. Migrating between water, sky and land, Ketta Ioannidou’s paintings draw inspiration from rippling waters, wilted florals and moody skies, simplifying them down to their essence – the shapes, the colors, the feelings.
Jan 16 —
Jul 9, 2024
733 3rd Ave - Lobby

Landscape of Life
Alexis Mendoza

Landscape of Life is a solo presentation by the NYC-based artist Alexis Mendoza, featuring five paintings from 2018 - 2023.
Jan 18 —
Jul 11, 2024
151 W 42nd St. - Lobby

Days to Night
Michael Filan

Days To Night is a solo presentation by the NYC-based artist Mike Filan, featuring eight abstract paintings from 2022 - 2023. The gestures, drips, and splashes that unite his work have become increasingly more intricate over time and address viewers in a language that is private, intense, and consistently self-referential.
Jan 31 —
Jul 16, 2024
1133 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby


Pulling inspiration from the past, touched by his surroundings, people and everyday life – EPPERSON is a hard working realist who allows himself indulgence in the fanciful.
Aug 19 —
Aug 19, 2024
40 E 58th St
Grand Opening
Aug 19th
My Little Magic Shop

Step into an enchanting journey at My Little Magic Shop, where they invite you to embark on a unique experience designed to manifest positive changes in your life.
Oct 3 —
Sep 30, 2024
697 Amsterdam Ave
Opening Reception
Oct 14th
Pretty Well Beauty

Pretty Well Beauty is a multi-brand clean beauty and wellness retail store that is home to nearly 50 different brands of which 60% are BIPOC founded. Offering skincare, haircare, bath/body care, makeup, wellness, candles, and more!
Nov 25 —
Nov 1, 2024
The Oculus


Studio Practice is an avenue for artists to sell their goods at a more affordable price point to the public.
Dec 9 —
Dec 9, 2024
189 Bleecker St
Tones Shaking Out
Feb 10th
Art to Ware
The Creative Cookie

Art To Ware is a pop-up that brings unique fashion finds and live clothing upcycle demonstrations to the shopping mall of the world’s busiest ground transportation terminal, The Port Authority of New York. The new retail and showcase space will feature original and one-of-a-kind fashion and accessories from independent artist brands including Ooh Baby, Bunny Shop, Googly Eye Cru, Elements by Land, Project Runway alum Epperson and upcoming designers.
Oct 15 —
Dec 31, 2024
Art to Ware

Sustainable Fashion Community Center
NYC Fair Trade Coalition

Swap, Pop, & Drop-In. The NYC Fair Trade Coalition Sustainable Fashion Community Center(SFCC) in East Harlem hosts clothing swaps, in-person/virtual workshops, and member-led sales events. Stopping by the SFCC gives you a chance to clean out your closet and pick up new to you threads.
May 8 —
Jan 1, 2025
1795 Lexington Ave (1st Floor)

There Is Wisdom In Everything
Wisdom Candles & More

Wisdom, Candles & More will curate an immersive candle making workshop experience that invigorates attendees mind, body and souls. Attendees will have the opportunity to create one of kind candles from scratch through an instructor led workshop
Dec 31 —
Jan 1, 2025
220 Front Street
Opening Reception
Nov 3rd

This innovative brand, celebrated for its microbiome-inspired products, invites you to experience the magic of its scientifically-formulated skincare range. Discover the transformative power of Nuebiome's exclusive triple bioferment blend, designed to harmonize and enhance your skin's natural balance and radiance. Be among the first to explore this award-winning collection.
Feb 19 —
Jan 3, 2025
MTA: Grand Central


HYER GOODS breathes new life into luxury leftover leathers. Using innovative sourcing and design, they repurpose the fashion industry’s waste into elevated accessories. The latest Pop Up Shop will feature one-of-a-kind pieces, both vintage and from the brand, alongside the latest collection of upcycled and sustainable fashion and accessories.
Feb 8 —
Jan 19, 2025
21 Greenwich Ave

Crave & Grace
A Wellness Destination

Envelop your senses with an aroma bar, tasteful teas, elixir libations, and a high-touch experience. All while connecting with a wellness community, learning more about the brand, and the sensory curiosity surrounding you.
Feb 12 —
Feb 1, 2025
320 W 23rd St.
Opening Reception
Feb 29th
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