Upcoming exhibitions
We Wear the Masc
Brian McQueen

We Wear the Masc is a performance piece that explores the intersectionality of being black, femme & queer in through the mediums of art song, verse, poetry. The piece explores masculinity as a plurality not solely performed in manner.
Aug 28 —
Aug 29, 2018
Anita's Way - 137 W 42nd Street
Aug 28th
Current exhibitions
Eternal Verities
Jane Dell

Jane Dell uses the natural world as her subject. Instead of focusing on traditional interpretations like landscape, she instead seeks ways to tap into the dynamic movement and power of natural forces.
Aug 11 —
Aug 27, 2018
One Brooklyn Bridge Park
Opening Reception
Aug 11th
Reflections on the City
Sharon Florin

As a painter of the New York City urban landscape for over 40 years, Sharon Florin has been painting the architecture, street scenes, storefronts and people of her hometown with the hope of capturing what is here today that might be gone tomorrow.
Aug 3 —
Aug 29, 2018
485 Madison Ave
Aug 8th
Rush Hour
Jordan Baker-Caldwell

Rush Hour is an elaborate site specific installation made up of a series of painted wooden figures and shapes, illuminated from behind with neon lights. Rush Hour is a stylized representation of the busiest time of day with a spotlight on the people and energy that make this city great.
Jul 9 —
Aug 30, 2018
Port Authority Windows

Surface Complex
Ellen Grossman

Ellen Grossman's drawings are a series of sequential contour lines that are defined by small spontaneous decisions, forming a topography of impulses.
Aug 11 —
Sep 2, 2018
7 East 14th St
Opening Reception
Aug 11th
Kosher Candies
Rachel Litton

Rachel Litton decided to take a closer look at some of the art that we overlook on a daily basis.
Jul 26 —
Sep 2, 2018
7 East 14th St

Carbon Form
Sarah Elise Hall

Carbon Form imagines a future scenario about our environment; one which speculates about the kind of trace-evidence that will remain after a prolonged period of plastic waste. The installation presents a series of casts made from a plastic tray found in the garbage in Brooklyn along with the work surface they were cast upon. The casts reveal the minimal industrial markings of the container they come from but also evoke imagery of erosion and fossilization due to the organic casting method and materials (marble, glass, dry pigment & binder).
Aug 16 —
Sep 8, 2018
266 W 37th Street
Closing Reception
Sep 8th
Thinking about the future...
curated by Adrian Lee

Memo: artists, driven to the present as if by fate, devise installations, videos, drawings, paintings, and sculptures for, from, against, in loving memory of, and despite the future.
Aug 17 —
Sep 9, 2018
273 Bleecker St
Opening Reception
Aug 17th
American Dream
Sabrina Puppin

Sabrina Puppin uses the visual languages of color, shape, and form to create compositions in which the world, as it is regularly seen and known, begins to dematerialize. Her work is characterized by her intuitive and loose paint handling, spontaneous expression and controlled process, which immerses the viewer in illusionist space.
Jun 14 —
Oct 18, 2018
675 Third Avenue Lobby

Jun 14th
beautiful furniture reimagined from old wood and metal
mebl | Transforming Furniture

This showcase is presented by mebl | Transforming Furniture, a new social enterprise, with a previous exhibit held at Chashama\'s 470 Vanderbilt. mebl’s passion is beautiful high-quality furniture, handcrafted from old used wood and metal. They promote talented furniture-makers and encourage more sustainable practices across the industry. Their aim is to bust through narrow perceptions of “reclaimed wood furniture,” expand this marketplace, and make you and the artisans really happy.
May 17 —
Oct 22, 2018
7 East 14th St

Pajtim Osmanaj

Inspired by his birthplace, Kosovo, Pajtim Osmanaj’s most recent work is a representation of the landscapes of his youth.
May 31 —
Oct 31, 2018
4 Times Square Lobby
Lobby Reception
Jul 12th
The World in Our Hands
Carla Gimbatti

When Carla Gimbatti began using fingerprints and hands as a way of portraying people, she was struck by their singularity and beauty.
Aug 16 —
Nov 8, 2018
733 3rd Ave Lobby

Prince of Hearts, Queen of Spades
Rachel Phillips

Rachel's work is a composition of animated objects and cartoon-like characters with "attitude." They play off each other in a humorous yet disconcerting manner. These scenes describe emotional discontent, irrational behavior, and strange occurrences.
Aug 16 —
Nov 8, 2018
1133 Sixth Ave Lobby
Sep 20th

A.S. Mastroianni's work is a result of a rarification of process and dissection from earlier explorations within her painting process.
Jul 10 —
Nov 29, 2018
1155 Sixth Ave Lobby
Sep 13th
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