Upcoming exhibitions
Dreswel - Trunk Show
by Daryl Wright

Dreswel - Trunk Show is an introduction to a custom clothing brand. The public is invited to see sample garments, browse through a collection of luxurious fabrics, and get fitted for a bespoke suit. Dreswel's suits are made from a full canvas suit structure. Suit dimensions are entirely bespoke from the body shape of the customer.
May 17 —
Jun 13, 2021
266 W 37th St.

Current exhibitions
The Zodiac Series
Deming King Harriman

The Zodiac Series is a collection of digital collage portraits representing characters of the zodiac horoscope. Originally this series was produced as a tarot card set for her solo exhibition Birth of a Soul with Deep Space Gallery, NJ. The work has gone on to be published in TASCHEN’s ongoing series Library of Esoterica: Astrology.
Dec 16 —
Jun 10, 2021
Port Authority Project Find Space

Shifting Sands
NYFA 2020 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program

Shifting Sands is a group exhibition showcasing the creative breadth of 20 artists from the NYFA Immigrant Artist Program. Each of these artists has crossed physical borders, leaving one part of the world for another - in doing so, holding space for various identities and shifting realities. From this common experience emerges unique perspectives on identity, belonging, home, memory, hope and resilience.
May 14 —
Jun 10, 2021
340 E 64th St.
Opening Reception
May 14th
The Bronx Gala
FINEZT by Edwin Reyes

The Bronx Gala is a fashion presentation-styled event. FINETZ is presenting this event despite the current events of last year to uplift the spirits of The Bronx through Fashion.
Apr 5 —
Jun 15, 2021
1 Fordham Plaza
The Bronx Gala Opening Day
Apr 5th
Art Students League

Primavera is next in The Art Students League’s group exhibition series, celebrating springtime and all it symbolizes. Primavera welcomes viewers to a “forest primeval” where the air is fresh, the ground lush, and hope is slowly returning.
Apr 1 —
Jun 18, 2021
1 Brooklyn Bridge Park

Alluring Language
John Black

John Black, an American visual artist/creator based out of NYC was born in southern West Virginia in 1986. Black studied at Miami International School of Art and Design with a focus on the communication between energy and motion. Black is currently creating abstract artworks that are now developing into a sort of coded language throughout color study and formations, allowing a sense of meditation through new techniques and methods, organically discovered. The current works are influenced heavily by Native American and African roots, allowing the works to connect Black with his ancestors and to communicate that energy to an observer, in hopes to relay emotion.
Jan 7 —
Jun 22, 2021
151 W 42nd St. - Lobby

Painting Works: 2008 - 2020
Mike Childs

Mike Childs is a New York-based painter from Toronto, Ontario. This presentation of his work at ChaShaMa includes 8 paintings that survey major elements developed in his work from 2008 to 2020. The formal approaches and compositional elements seen here reflect his propensity to view the world as a series of starts and stops.
Jan 14 —
Jun 23, 2021
675 Third Ave - Lobby

The Language of Form and Color
Megan Olson

The title of this show is from Kandinsky’s seminal book “On the Spiritual in Art,” and references the way in which abstraction strives to communicate what can be described as a universal language using the aesthetics of form and color.
Jan 11 —
Jun 23, 2021
733 3rd Ave - Lobby

Little Giants and Common People
Andrew Hockenberry

I define my style as subconscious abstract, painting without consideration of the end result. I do not believe in mistakes or editing the way I have manipulated the surface. Using music as a rhythm and flow to my paintings, I make each piece balanced while experimenting with alternative applications and materials. It’s as simple as paint on surface, surface being anything to hold paint, paint being anything to make an impression on surface.
Jan 21 —
Jun 24, 2021
1155 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby

Sonic Sunlight
Sasha Vom Dorp

Sasha Raphael vom Dorp has made these photographs to better know his place in the universe. Our ability to travel the cosmos being limited, he’s built a machine in an attempt to observe elemental transactions. He’s created a mechanical solution to what is a metaphysical problem, forcing basic elements of perception —sound, light, and matter—into a single frame. These are photographs of sound encountering sunlight, as seen through the medium of water.
Jan 18 —
Jun 24, 2021
1133 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby

NYC Makers' Market
Made in Queens

NYC Makers' Market is organized by Made in Queens, a collection of local manufacturers from the most diverse place in the world. It serves as an opportunity for five small, local manufacturers to bring their products before a larger audience. At the market, you can admire and purchase fantastic products from handmade soaps to funky jewelry to beautiful paintings perfect for any home.
May 1 —
Jun 27, 2021
1155 Avenue of the Americas

The Wash
Basia Goszczynska

The Wash features twenty-seven photographs of marine debris gathered off of New York City beaches and composed into colorful still lifes. The piece references both ship portholes and laundromats to draw attention to the importance of beach and ocean clean-up efforts while acknowledging how plastics' aesthetics and utility continue to appeal to our commercial and creative interests.
Mar 16 —
Jun 28, 2021
Port Authority Windows Over 42nd Street

New York and No Place Else: Art that Celebrates New York
Alpha 137 Gallery

Alpha 137 Gallery in collaboration with Chashama presents a group exhibition of paintings, editions, posters, and sculptures celebrating NYC by artists including Andy Warhol, Wayne Thiebaud, Red Grooms, Jack Youngerman, Richard Haas, Bob Gruen, Massimo Vignelli, Thelma Appel, and Nancy Graves
Apr 29 —
Jun 29, 2021
320 W 23rd St.
Opening Reception
May 13th
something blue
Ella Goodine-Richardson

something blue is a lingerie and bridal shop by Ella Goodine-Richardson in the heart of the Seaport district. The store and its contents are inspired by the beautiful rivers and sea waters surrounding the island of Manhattan, the unceded territory of the Lenape.
Apr 23 —
Jun 30, 2021
220 Front Street
Opening Reception
Apr 23rd
Arts Pop-Up Experience
Black Village Arts

Black Village Arts presents their Arts Pop-Up Experience as a one-stop-shop for artmaking, featuring workshops for kids, creative coworking space, and curated art events. Black Village Arts is a community-focused black arts collective that believes art is essential and should be affordable and accessible to ALL kids. Working to merge community impact and the arts, they help service black and brown youth in underfunded and underserved communities.
Apr 9 —
Jun 30, 2021
146 Flushing Ave
Grand Opening
Apr 9th
Impulses and Incrustations
Elizabeth Knowles

Living forms inspire my work. Some are biological patterns on the cellular level of organisms. Others are geological patterns of the earth's natural landscapes. Utilizing a variety of media, my work explores how both static and dynamic patterns in nature reveal the mysterious relationship between differing scales of perception, thereby connecting landscapes and life forms, physiology and physics, death and detritus, and growth and life.
Jan 12 —
Jul 12, 2021
200 Water St. - Lobby

Art to Ware: A curated fashion pop-up
The Creative Cookie

The multi-brand pop-up will offer books by Lesley, other fashion titles, flowers, textiles, inspiring gift items, and unique clothing. The shop will focus on sustainable, upcycled, and handmade pieces. Lesley is excited about curating some of her favorite things.
Apr 28 —
Jul 22, 2021
21 Greenwich Ave
Opening Reception
May 2nd
Blue Mood Disco
A Pop-up Shop

Blue Mood Disco is a collective of three, Brooklyn-based businesses. The brands of the Blue Mood Disco collective were each birthed in the middle of the Covid-19 quarantine. While the world was in a state of chaos, Natalie, Yemmie, and Ashley were individually building and creating, not realizing that one day the stars would align to have them all placed next to each other at a pop-up market that very summer.
May 1 —
Jul 31, 2021
7 E 14th St.
Opening Event
May 15th
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