Upcoming exhibitions
XIX Collective
and The City Firm

CalmNYC is an immersive experience organized by Calm NYC and The City Firm to create a space for mental and physical reboot. It is a refuge to heal, providing treatments for PTSD, COVID-19 trauma, stress relief, rehabilitation with massage, acupuncture, and meditation. CalmNYC also proudly provide a treatment chair lounge at a range of approachable choices including ear seeds, distal points, TCM, auricular needling, a variety of modalities in massage and bodywork, or full treatment sessions.
Aug 12 —
Sep 12, 2021
7 E 14th St.
Aug 12th
Humankind, Be Both
Sandro Madsen

Humankind, Be Both is the debut solo exhibition by multimedia artist Sandro Madsen. As we re-enter life post pandemic lockdown, Sandro imagines ways we can recreate and celebrate our humanity, the marks people make on our city, the unseen energy, 'the force' that binds us. While we treasure what we missed during the lockdown - locally, the small-scale, the eccentric, our ordinary daily life routines - we can reimagine the ways in which we interact with what remains and what is possible physically and beyond. We can envision a future that is more hopeful, harmonious, connected. We are able to imagine a better, reimagined, future for NYC.
Aug 12 —
Sep 15, 2021
21 Greenwich Ave
Opening Night
Aug 12th
Current exhibitions
Houston, We have a Problem
curated by David Packer

Houston, We have a Problem, curated by David Packer, brings together eight artists who all use plastic in their work as subject, medium or both. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, resin cast cheese slices, collaged industrial exit signs, even nylons and wigs: they are all used by these artists to draw attention to the prevalence of plastic in our daily lives. These artists want to establish plastic in an art conversation, for people to recognize our dependence when they enter the gallery. The micro plastic that has permeated our water supply is invisible but these artists are making plastic visible, bringing it to the fore. The title of the show refers to the idea that something needs to happen about plastic consumption.
Jul 21 —
Aug 8, 2021
81 Essex Street
Opening Reception
Jul 22nd
Cartooning While Black: The Anti Racism Activity Book Preview and Other Works
Victor Varnado

Cartooning While Black: The Anti Racism Activity Book Preview and Other Works is a preview of the social satire book The Anti-Racism Activity Book, written and illustrated by comedian and New Yorker cartoonist Victor Varnado, and published by One Idea Press. The book features coloring pages, crossword puzzles, word finds, and other staples of the activity book genre used with humor to illustrate how dumb racism is.
Jul 15 —
Aug 12, 2021
320 W 23rd St.
Opening Reception
Jul 15th
Sustainable Fashion Community Center
by NYC Fair Trade Coalition

Swap, Pop, & Drop-In. The NYC Fair Trade Coalition launched the Sustainable Fashion Community Center(SFCC) in East Harlem hosting clothing swaps, in-person/virtual workshops, and member-led sales events. Stopping by the SFCC gives you a chance to clean out your closet and pick up new to you threads. Workshops included Mending Club Thursdays, Style Fridays, Plant Swap Saturdays, and alternating Wednesdays and Sundays the Sustainable Fashion Community Meeting
May 8 —
Aug 25, 2021
1795 Lexington Ave (1st Floor)

No Vacancy
Sculptors Guild

No Vacancy implies that a space is already taken, that is has found a purpose. That assertive statement animates this summer’s sculpture exhibition. No Vacancy declares that sculpture is the inherent and compelling occupant of space, and as such it embodies the foundation for the city’s rebirth.
Jul 23 —
Aug 26, 2021
1155 Avenue of the Americas Event Space
Opening Reception
Jul 23rd
Phantom Landscapes
curated by Rene Melchor

Phantom Landscapes is the group exhibition that displays the work of artist Guy Nelson and artist Brian Hubble. In the works of Guy Nelson nature is a familiar environment that continually follows him through his paintings, sculptures and videos. Raised in the American Midwest, the Minnesota landscape is a consistent theme that finds its way into his artistic imagination. An avid tree lover, Nelson finds appreciation in exploring the Minnesota forest environment and narrates his paintings with a series of folk tales much like a writer.
Aug 1 —
Aug 28, 2021
340 E 64th St.
Opening of Show
Aug 5th
This Must Be The Place
Art Students League

Now at the one-year anniversary of its partnership with Chashama, The Art Students League celebrates a new summer season at One Brooklyn Bridge Park with the group exhibition This Must Be The Place, curated by League alumna Sonomi Kobayashi. This Must Be The Place honors new directions and frontiers by featuring works by a diverse group of League artists responding to our themes of journey, travel, and exploration. Even if the destination cannot not be known, the path remains an invitation for all to take the first step.
Jul 1 —
Sep 26, 2021
1 Brooklyn Bridge Park
Opening Reception
Jul 1st
Generating Peace Within:
Calligraphy & Tea
Pencilnyc Studio

The TeaHouse presented by Pencilnyc Studio is a multimodal workshop and storefront space. They will be offering weekly tea and calligraphy classes. Both the artist and each individual participant complete a tea and calligraphy ritual in silence.
Jul 28 —
Oct 31, 2021
24 Rutgers Street

Caleb Nussear

Sculpture is an installation by artist Caleb Nussear influenced by Shunga and Ukiyo-e. Caleb Nussear's work focusses on the aperiodic Penrose tiling rendered in mirror in 2 sculptures in the round; and the contemporary Japanese paper-folding pattern named the Muira. Caleb exhibits his work at Massey Klein Gallery and has collaborated on dance performances with Peter Kyle Dance Co.
Jul 22 —
Oct 31, 2021
88 Essex - Essex Market

Serenity and Struggle
Dana-Marie Bullock

As the title of the show implies, Serenity and Struggle captures the juxtaposition of the states of tranquillity/inner peace and chaos/conflict. Although these states are opposite in nature, we can experience both multiple times within a very brief period of time. Within the context of social justice or the lack thereof, each abstract painting focuses on one of these two states through the lens of recent societal events.
Jun 24 —
Nov 1, 2021
1133 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby

Absence of Touch
Jordan Barker

The sensation of touch is paramount to the human experience. I became acutely aware of this when the absence and variety of touch that I was used to experiencing had been abruptly stripped from my life during the pandemic. I got inspired to create my art to reintroduce these textures and sensations back into my life and provide me with a sense of presence and calm amidst what felt like quiet chaos. The pieces I created were a practice in mindfulness that I couldn’t achieve in any other way during this long period of isolation.
Jun 17 —
Nov 4, 2021
1155 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby

Rachel Gisela Cohen

Wingspan is a solo exhibition of large works presented by Brooklyn-based artist Rachel Gisela Cohen. The exhibition features seven large-scale mixed media paintings created from 2018-2021. Each work features a variety of materials ranging from flashe paint, sequined fabric, recycled beads and faux crocodile. Using the decorative as a defense mechanism, Rachel Gisela Cohen’s work reflects on beauty, surface, and the excess of contemporary culture, moving between the natural and material world.
Jun 22 —
Nov 9, 2021
151 W 42nd St. - Lobby

Intangible Assets: Recent Work by Josh Harlan
Josh Harlan

Josh Harlan creates geometric abstractions derived from visual displays of data and information. For Intangible Assets: Recent Work by Josh Harlan the artist has featured three distinct bodies of work: “Household Income and Math Scores” (2021), “Katya” (2020), and “Nine Years Since the Crisis” (2019).
Jun 24 —
Nov 11, 2021
675 Third Ave - Lobby

Current Work
Mark Bouthilette

Current Work is a solo exhibition by Artist Mark Bouthilette. Mark Bouthilette's work looks to explore the relationship between the inner and outer worlds. The work is a two-part process. By working quickly in wet paint, he's able to dive into the subconscious, and create a snap shot of that moment with all its inherent spiritual energy. Once the paint has dried - he unearths the raw marks by sanding through the myriad layers of paint much in the same way an archeologist brushes dust from a found object at an excavation site. What's left is the physical evidence of past energy and a distinct connection between the meta-physical and the physical universe. In the same way that tantric artists discovered the double helix or the corona virus thousands of years before microscopes - Mark's work explores the innate understanding that synapse and trees branches and topographic maps and brain scans are interconnected and essentially one in the same.
Jun 16 —
Nov 12, 2021
733 3rd Ave - Lobby

Inlé Lake
Sarah Philouze

In 2019, Sarah Philouze had the chance to travel across Myanmar and she fell in love with a place called Inlé Lake. The lake is a giant floating garden where artisans cultivate lotus flowers for weaving, surrounded by houses on stilt. Philouze remarked that it is the most beautiful and peaceful place she has ever visited. She spent hours observing and drawing the lotus flowers and visiting the weaving workshops. Back at work in her studio in New York, Sarah explored the lotus shapes with different materials. She created a floating installation of 100 lotus flowers woven on wood.
Jun 28 —
Nov 15, 2021
200 Water St. - Lobby

Peeling Back the Layers
Francine Hsu Davis

Peeling Back the Layers is the first in a series of paintings created during the pandemic by artist Francine Hsu Davis. Francine's paintings previously focused on memory and history, expressed through heavily layered paintings.  With our present experiences of lockdowns, this concept of the building-up of layers has shifted to the peeling back of layers.  There is a wide array of experiences during quarantine, but for many, the shift in home life is most significant: for some, the current experience is isolation, while for others it is overwhelming proximity with the same people day in and day out.
Jun 12 —
Dec 15, 2021
22-18 Jackson Ave, GALERIE LIC

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