Upcoming exhibitions

An echo is created, repeated and transformed in free play with Space and Time

echo/chamber is an immersive installation-performance, and an evolving architecture of movement and sound. It is a resonance of the place and time it occupies, living through bodies and acoustic vibrations.
Dec 2 —
Dec 2, 2019
172 E 4th St.
Dec 2nd
Woodland Riot
Vanessa Long Dance Company

The Vanessa Long Dance Company presents Woodland Riot, a contemporary dance performance and art installation. Four separate installations and performances will be presented simultaneously, all focusing on contemporary social and environmental issues. Through this evening performance the VLDC hopes to challenge the status quo, and encourage conversation. Light refreshments will be served.
Dec 3 —
Dec 4, 2019
172 E 4th St.
Dec 3rd
Progressive Transition
Performance Series
part of the New York
Latin American Art Triennial

Featuring performances by Arantxa Araujo, Hector Canonge, Paco Cao, Gina Goico, Paola Martínez, Naivy Pérez, Claribel Jolie Pichardo and Yali Romagoza.
Nov 13 —
Dec 9, 2019
266 W 37th St.
Hector Canonge
Nov 13th
Gal Nissim and Leslie Ruckman

SurveillAnts is an interactive, biological installation that explores the unseen world of ants. Tracing the movements of living harvester ants, the artists reveal emergent patterns and interactions, inviting the audience to contemplate the relationship between individual and collective, and between emergent systems at different scales—from the micro to the macro.
Dec 5 —
Dec 14, 2019
21 Greenwich Ave
Opening Reception
Dec 5th
Sew On & Sew Forth
Kevin Lustik

The artist Kevin Lustik works in the sewing idiom. All of his pieces involve thread, yarn, beads, buttons, even pins and needles, giving his work a 3-D effect.
Dec 16 —
Jan 13, 2020
266 W 37th St.

Times Square As You’ve Never Seen It
Thelma Appel


The Port Authority Bus Terminal and Chashama present an exhibition of large, colorful paintings by Thelma Appel featuring imaginative representations of Times Square in the “Project Find” space located at 9th Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Appel’s exhibit Times Square As You’ve Never Seen It will be on view 24 hours a day.
Jan 15 —
Mar 16, 2020
Port Authority Project Find Space

Current exhibitions
Waves: A Moment in Time
LG Brosterman

In her latest series, Waves: A Moment in Time, LG Brosterman explores the power and beauty of the ocean through the abstract forms created by waves as they crash.
Jul 25 —
Nov 13, 2019
733 3rd Ave - Lobby

Mobile Homes
Adrianne Lobel

Adrianne Lobel works in plein air during the summer and then works from the paintings in her studio in Hoboken. Lobel paints the mundane and the ugly and makes it beautiful, spacious and surreal.
Aug 2 —
Nov 13, 2019
675 Third Ave - Lobby

Niloufar Keyhani
Kristin Reed
Ghislaine Sabiti
Hanna Washburn

Chashama and United Breast Cancer Foundation have partnered to present Inalienable, a group exhibition featuring the work of four artists impacted by breast cancer; Niloufar Keyhani, Kristin Reed, Ghislaine Sabiti, and Hanna Washburn. The exhibition runs from October 24 - November 15, 2019 at 21 Greenwich Avenue in New York, NY.
Oct 24 —
Nov 15, 2019
21 Greenwich Ave
Opening Reception
Oct 30th
A Convening of
Materiality & Form
Presented by Sidel & McElwreath

HARVEST is formatted as a living artist showcase and marks the first public program undertaken by Sidel & McElwreath, a new female-founded contemporary art advisory practice committed to supporting living artists. The exhibition proudly presents works by Todd Bienvenu, Jennifer Caviola, Max Colby, Rachel Garrard, Jeila Gueramian, Fumihiro Matsuzaki, Caris Reid, and Mark Tribe.
Oct 23 —
Nov 20, 2019
172 E 4th St.
Opening Reception
Oct 23rd
Reality Remix
The IMC Lab + Gallery

IMC Lab is pleased to present Reality Remix, an interactive multimedia exhibit of artifacts from the near future, including radical new art & technologies highlighting the latest revolutions in painting, sculpting, 3D printing, holographic computing, neuroscience, VR, AR, mixed reality arts & A.I..
Nov 2 —
Dec 1, 2019
340 E 64th St.
Opening Reception
Nov 2nd
Destiny Manifests
Roy Productions

Destiny Manifests brings the art and artists of the American West to New York City. Examining the idolization of the west alongside the dissolution of the American Dream, the multidisciplinary installation features plays, poetry, dance, conversations and a visual arts. The artworks were created or conceived in the west and are appearing in New York for the first time; as are some of the artists themselves.
Oct 4 —
Dec 1, 2019
320 W 23rd St.
Fool for Love - a play by Sam Shepard
Oct 17th
Hockenberry's Abstracts
Andrew Hockenberry

Hockenberry's Abstracts is a collection of abstract art work created by Andrew Hockenberry. He uses a process of abstraction and figuative drawing that incorporates an intuitive and improvisational application of paint to surface. Utilizing all of his resources, Hockenberry stretches his own work and hand builds his frames, creating works of obscure sizes. He uses recycled paper for his figure drawings, all materials are used thoughtfully not to be wasted.
Nov 8 —
Dec 1, 2019
37-18 Northern Blvd
Opening Reception
Nov 8th
A Place For Space
Quinn Guarino

Quinn Guarino’s A Place For Space is a collection of paintings and drawings produced in the artist's 8'x8' bedroom over the course of the past 5 months.
Nov 10 —
Dec 3, 2019
1 Brooklyn Bridge Park
Opening Reception
Nov 15th
Matthew Morrocco
presented by The Olympia Project

The Port Authority Bus Terminal, Chashama and The Olympia Project will present Orchid.Seasons, a selection of photographs by Matthew Morrocco at the Port Authority Bus Terminal’s “Project Find” space on 9th Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. The work will be viewable starting the evening of October 10 and will run through November 11.
Oct 11 —
Jan 13, 2020
Port Authority Project Find Space

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