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Open Studios at
Brooklyn Army Terminal

For one weekend only, Chashama's studio hub at Brooklyn Army Terminal is open to the public!

Explore new works from 96 visual artist studios, interact with our talented studio artists, and wander through this historic Brooklyn Army Terminal during our Open House New York
Oct 19 —
Oct 20, 2019
Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn
Open Studios
Oct 19th
Zahra Nazari

Uprooted, a new painting exhibition by Zahra Nazari, is a spotlight on the lives of immigrants through the unique lens of Nazari’s abstract art style. After performing a series of interviews and extensive research on the lives of specific immigrants in Queens, NY, she applied her passion, style, and shared experiences to their journeys to the US. The result is recognition of the immigrant’s paths and dreams through abstract architectural paintings. 
Oct 5 —
Nov 2, 2019
37-18 Northern Blvd
Opening Reception
Oct 10th
Time As Color
Myke Karlowski

Time As Color is an exhibition of oil paintings by Myke Karlowski, drawing from a three-year body of work that investigates his experiences of time-space synesthesia.
Oct 12 —
Nov 9, 2019
New Jersey
Opening Reception
Oct 12th
Times Square As You’ve Never Seen It
Thelma Appel

The Port Authority Bus Terminal and Chashama present an exhibition of large, colorful paintings by Thelma Appel featuring imaginative representations of Times Square in the “Project Find” space located at 9th Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Appel’s exhibit Times Square As You’ve Never Seen It will be on view 24 hours a day.
Nov 8 —
Jan 6, 2020
Port Authority Windows

Current exhibitions
Eozen Agopian: Passages
Presented by Casimir Effect

Agopian incorporates techniques of drawing, painting, sewing and weaving to create visual parallels between rational and cosmological worlds; through constructing and deconstructing, layering and erasing, scraping and marking, unraveling, and reconnecting.
Sep 18 —
Sep 29, 2019
1022 Lexington Ave
Opening Reception
Sep 18th
Lost [Found] Landscapes
Katya Khan

Lost [Found] Landscapes is an immersive installation by artist Katya Khan that is a part of her ongoing multimedia project consisting of research, drawings, sculpture, and street interventions. The exhibition focuses on accidental or vernacular compositions that occur in the urban landscape and draws from certain points of beauty and complexity only possible where their cleansing rituals coincide. Urban Landscapes are filled with archaeological information about who else has occupied the spaces we inhabit, and helps us see our everyday surroundings in a new way.
Sep 14 —
Oct 6, 2019
266 W 37th Street
Artist Talk and Workshop
Sep 28th
Old Scratch
Nick Norman

Old Scratch is a concept space which functions both as a remote location for HARPY Hallery (Rutherford, NJ) and as an experimental storefront for artist Nick Norman (Philadelphia, PA).
Sep 10 —
Oct 14, 2019
21 Greenwich Ave
Opening Reception
Sep 13th
I Can Feel
Suzy Kellems Dominik

I Can Feel (2017) is a neon sculpture and choreographed light performance. Standing at 12ft tall, the 27.68 second neon performance illuminates the rising emotion and viscerally glorifies the female orgasm in its overt monumentality.
Sep 12 —
Oct 20, 2019
One Brooklyn Bridge Park
Opening Reception
Sep 12th
Brigitta Varadi

Utilizing painting, textile, video and public interventions Brigitta Varadi explores pattern and repetition of gesture that relate to the invisible and everyday rituals of working life. Váradi examines the disappearing traditions and daily activities of small, secluded communities around the world: her grandmother mopping up her kitchen floor several times a day, the “liberty” tea made by inhabitants of New York State and the marking system of the dwindling community of shepherds in Ireland. See her upcoming exhibit, Rustling, on view at 151 West 42nd Street.
May 31 —
Oct 22, 2019
Lobby - 151 West 42nd Street
Jun 6th
beautiful furniture reimagined from old wood and metal
mebl | Transforming Furniture

This showcase is presented by mebl | Transforming Furniture, a new social enterprise, with a previous exhibit held at Chashama's 470 Vanderbilt. mebl’s passion is beautiful high-quality furniture, handcrafted from old used wood and metal. They promote talented furniture-makers and encourage more sustainable practices across the industry. Their aim is to bust through narrow perceptions of “reclaimed wood furniture,” expand this marketplace, and make you and the artisans really happy.
May 17 —
Nov 1, 2019
7 East 14th St

Joseph Meloy

Joseph Meloy’s work is an ongoing exploration in mark-making, and each piece is a transcription of a particular moment in time and space.
Aug 9 —
Nov 6, 2019
Lobby - 1155 Avenue of the Americas
Opening Reception
Sep 5th
Mobile Homes
Adrianne Lobel

Adrianne Lobel works in plein air during the summer and then works from the paintings in her studio in Hoboken. Lobel paints the mundane and the ugly and makes it beautiful, spacious and surreal.
Aug 2 —
Nov 13, 2019
Lobby - 675 Third Avenue

Waves: A Moment in Time
LG Brosterman

In her latest series, Waves: A Moment in Time, LG Brosterman explores the power and beauty of the ocean through the abstract forms created by waves as they crash.
Jul 25 —
Nov 13, 2019
Lobby - 733 3rd Ave

Riding the Light
Ari Lankin

With paintings that contain drama without overt reference to identifiable objects, Ari Lankin has pushed the language of painting to powerful effect, creating worlds within worlds that celebrate nature, the figure and the pure plastic form of the medium. His paintings simultaneously obliterate and reinforce the picture plane.
Aug 12 —
Nov 15, 2019
Lobby - 1133 Avenue of the Americas
Opening Reception
Aug 14th
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