Upcoming exhibitions
Small Business
Michelle Cheikin

Recollecting the family-owned stores of her childhood, Michelle Cheikin photographs independently owned shops in New York City. Her series titled Small Business includes a mixture of environmental portraiture and still-life imagery of artifacts. She provides glimpses into the history of these cultural spaces on the brink of obsolescence due to new technologies, an international economy and local gentrification.
Feb 12 —
Mar 3, 2022
21 Greenwich Ave
Opening Reception
Feb 12th
Emma Altman

Emma Altman is a New York fashion brand that will bring you into a colorful world of fun and excitement. They invite you to explore the clothes and accessories that are vegan, cruelty free and made in NYC. These clothes are meant to inspire anyone to live life to the fullest and share happiness through creativity and collaboration.
Feb 19 —
May 8, 2022
24 Rutgers Street
Store Opening
Feb 19th
Amanda Marrè Brown

Decoys is a solo exhibition of work by Amanda Marrè Brown, whose large-scale oil paintings combine transparent layers of color with subtle and precise gradients to create phenomenological depictions of architectural space.
Jan 27 —
Jun 9, 2022
151 W 42nd St. - Lobby

Into the Arcana
Michelle Sakhai

Into the Arcana is a culmination of artist Michelle Sakhai's year-long project, which presents the artist’s interpretation of select Major Arcana Tarot cards. She understands Major Arcana Tarot cards as representations of the life lessons, karmic influences, and the big archetypal themes that are influencing people's life and soul’s journey to enlightenment, and introduces the cards as a means to find the most important questions in life.
Jan 26 —
Jun 13, 2022
1133 Avenue of the Americas - Lobby

Current exhibitions
Generating Peace Within:
Calligraphy & Tea
Pencilnyc Studio

The TeaHouse presented by Pencilnyc Studio is a multimodal workshop and storefront space. They will be offering weekly tea and calligraphy classes. Both the artist and each individual participant complete a tea and calligraphy ritual in silence.
Jul 28 —
Jan 26, 2022
24 Rutgers Street
Silent Retreat
Jul 28th
Andrew Hutner & Leana Macaya

BREAKDOWN // BREAKTHROUGH is an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and projections by New York-based artists Leana Macaya and Andrew Hutner. Viewing the body as a tool, their work explores the creative process as a hybrid of action and aftermath.
Jan 18 —
Feb 11, 2022
81 Essex Street
Opening Reception
Jan 20th
Art to Ware
The Creative Cookie

Art To Ware is a pop-up that brings unique fashion finds and live clothing upcycle demonstrations to the shopping mall of the world’s busiest ground transportation terminal, The Port Authority of New York. The new retail and showcase space will feature original and one-of-a-kind fashion and accessories from independent artist brands including Ooh Baby, Bunny Shop, Googly Eye Cru, Elements by Land, Project Runway alum Epperson and upcoming designers.
Oct 15 —
Feb 18, 2022
Art to Ware

Everything & Nothing at All
Barak Chamo

Materials for the Arts presents Everything and Nothing at All, an exhibition of new work by Artist-in-Residence Barak Chamo.
Jan 20 —
Feb 20, 2022
7 E 14th St.
Opening Reception
Jan 20th
Sloppy 2nds
curated by Rachel Bottcher

Sloppy 2nds curated by Rachel Bottcher is a skate, music and art event featuring artists, fabricators, cement masons, architects, designers, musicians and skaters from New Jersey\'s DIY skate community between Newark and the Jersey Shore.
Jan 22 —
Feb 22, 2022
60 Main St., Matawan
New Jersey
Opening Reception
Jan 22nd
Dreswel - Trunk Show
Daryl Wright

Dreswel - Trunk Show is an introduction to a custom clothing brand. The public is invited to see sample garments, browse through a collection of luxurious fabrics, and get fitted for a bespoke suit. Dreswel's suits are made from a full canvas suit structure. Suit dimensions are entirely bespoke from the body shape of the customer.
Aug 31 —
Feb 28, 2022
266 W 37th St.

cabinet lab show
Sabrina Merayo Nuñez

Lab Show is an installation by Visual artist and Furniture Maker Sabrina Merayo Nuñez. The show features pieces and a performative installation in which you will be able to see her working on her most recent pieces.
Dec 16 —
Feb 28, 2022
1155 Avenue of the Americas
Opening Reception
Dec 17th
The Wash
Basia Goszczynska

The Wash features twenty-seven photographs of marine debris gathered off of New York City beaches and composed into colorful still lifes. The piece references both ship portholes and laundromats to draw attention to the importance of beach and ocean clean-up efforts while acknowledging how plastics' aesthetics and utility continue to appeal to our commercial and creative interests.
Mar 16 —
Feb 28, 2022
Port Authority Windows Over 42nd Street

The Zodiac Series
Deming King Harriman

The Zodiac Series is a collection of digital collage portraits representing characters of the zodiac horoscope. Originally this series was produced as a tarot card set for her solo exhibition Birth of a Soul with Deep Space Gallery, NJ. The work has gone on to be published in TASCHEN’s ongoing series Library of Esoterica: Astrology.
Dec 16 —
Feb 28, 2022
Port Authority Project Find Space

Hope and Despair: A Study in Contrasts
Dana-Marie Bullock

Hope and Despair: A Study in Contrasts is an exhibition of paintings by NYC-based abstract artist Dana-Marie Bullock. In this show, Dana talks about the experience of optimism and gloom within a single fleeting moment by juxtaposing her works that capture either one of them. The paintings in the show are Dana's responses to the current societal events witnessed through the lens of social justice.
Jan 25 —
Mar 6, 2022
324 5th Avenue
Opening Reception
Feb 9th
Art Students League

Searchlight is focused on the mystery and magic of light and works in the exhibition play in a range of shadowed depths and colorful surfaces, taking viewers from the small quiet space of a computer screen to the vast landscape of an entire world.
Jan 6 —
Mar 10, 2022
1 Brooklyn Bridge Park


Join REDU at their showroom where they will premier their first line of custom pieces from 99% recycled materials. Learn about the lifecycle of materials that are commonly discarded and sent to landfill. All pieces are handcrafted with love at their Red Hook Studio and are available for purchase.
Jan 14 —
Mar 27, 2022
1285 2nd Avenue
Opening Day
Jan 25th
Sustainable Fashion Community Center
NYC Fair Trade Coalition

Swap, Pop, & Drop-In. The NYC Fair Trade Coalition Sustainable Fashion Community Center(SFCC) in East Harlem hosts clothing swaps, in-person/virtual workshops, and member-led sales events. Stopping by the SFCC gives you a chance to clean out your closet and pick up new to you threads.
May 8 —
Mar 31, 2022
1795 Lexington Ave (1st Floor)

something blue
Ella Goodine-Richardson

Ella Goodine-Richardson captures the shapes and forms of the East River at her store something blue. With a knack for working outside of the conventions of craft or discipline, Ella sews custom slips and chemisettes evoking a mixture of natural motifs and historical trends of times passed. The striking vintage silks and buttons amplify the artist’s Dionysian compositions.  The craft is collaboration with archetypal forms of elegance.  The line between her creative expression and highly technical, intricate sewing techniques inspire a bold sensual engagement with the world around us. Care and wonder are invoked by each custom piece.
Dec 2 —
Mar 31, 2022
220 Front Street

Todd B. Richmond

COAST/COAST is a solo exhibition of paintings by Todd B. Richmond, surveying recent work created in New York and in Los Angeles. From citrus farms in Southern California to the Queensboro Bridge in New York City, these large-scale works inhabit their inspirations.
Jan 19 —
Jun 1, 2022
733 3rd Ave - Lobby

Nicolas Sanin

Dice-dalas features eight paintings by Colombian artist Nicolas Sanin. According to the artist, the paintings included in Dice-dalas are a series of parallel universes of colors created by an algorithmic game of chance. Nicolas intends to challenge people's bias when they choose colors for aesthetic purposes through the way in which he makes paintings.
Jan 20 —
Jun 7, 2022
675 Third Ave - Lobby

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