The Indivisible Atomo
Pedro J Baez

The Indivisible Atomo is a solo presentation of the Venezuelan-American artist Pedro J. Baez, featuring five of his recent work. In his recent work, Baez ventures into the abstract, drawing inspiration from theoretical physics and concepts like the collective consciousness, the multiverse, and quantum theory. He questions the origins of ideas and imagines how elements from our world could exist in alternate realities, employing a pictorial language that intertwines colors, shapes and ideas into a controlled chaos that challenges viewers to reconsider their perceptions. His art, characterized by tongue-in-cheek pop-cultural character tropes, symbolic representations from Latin culture, and vibrant colors invites audiences into a world where the boundaries of reality are blurred, encouraging a childlike curiosity towards the universe and the unseen. Baez’s first solo exhibition offers a unique opportunity to engage with his imaginative works, which are not only a reflection of his personal journey but also an invitation to explore the unknown and ponder the endless possibilities that lie within our imaginations.

About the Artist

Pedro J. Baez is a Venezuelan-American artist creating his own lane of pop-surrealism across a variety of mediums ranging from painting, sculpture, digital drawing, 3D animation and tattooing. Born in Venezuela in 1989 and immigrating to the US in 1997, Baez’s journey from an immigrant child to an artist is underpinned by a deep curiosity and admiration for the diverse cultures that shape the world. His transition to a new country sparked an early interest in the history of art and the role of immigrants in crafting societies, which later evolved into a diverse exploration of artistic techniques and mediums as he moved to New York in 2012 to further his practice at Cooper Union. This exploration led Baez to adopt a scientific approach to art, seeking to understand how color and form can unite to convey complex ideas and emotions.

For more information on Pedro J. Baez, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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