New Archetype
The Red Team

New Archetype is a cycle of 24 images co-sourced by The Red Team — a 6-person egregore artist group using creative presencing practices and other emergent group psychotechnologies. The creative-experiment-intention was to sense into the field of the near future, to find and to assemble the jigsaw puzzle pieces of one new archetype that is trying to come through from the imminent, adjacent possible.

The Red team is Nick Shore, Ria Baeck, Cheryl Hsu, Layman Pascal, Rikke Libak and Lisa Norton — each artist involved in their own right in creative experiments involving holding space for emergence. Scattered across the planet, the team met 12 times via zoom in early 2024 to co-presence these 24 images.

Nick served as eventual scribe, rendering into final form these images that came through the group field. The creative process-journey was also witnessed and reflected by a second team of meta-modern philosophers — and that sense-making input and feedback was also enfolded back into the generative process.

About the Artists

Nick Shore – Creative Emergence Space Holder; Initiator of Creative Presencing Practice

Ria Baeck – Author; Initiator of Collective Presencing

Cheryl Hsu – Transversal Designer; Soul-Maker; Intersubjective Space Holder; Spiritual Activist; Consciousness Anthropologist; Speculative Philosopher of Toroidal Cosmologies; Black Hole

Layman Pascal – Author, speaker, and body-mind-soul at large in the Integral and Metamodern scenes.

Rikke Libak – Conscious Dance Field Holder; Embodiment, Ritual Play and Polarity Facilitator

Lisa Norton – Initiator of The Uncertainment Lounge, Creative Space Holder

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