My Little Magic Shop

Step into an enchanting journey at My Little Magic Shop, where they invite you to embark on a unique experience designed to manifest positive changes in your life. As you step through the doors, you’ll find yourself in a captivating haven meticulously crafted to nurture your dreams and intentions. Their signature ‘Magic Maker Journey’ awaits, seamlessly blending education, interaction, and enchantment to empower your intentions like never before.

Craft your sacred space in the ethereal Intention Valley, setting the stage for your manifestation journey. Immerse your senses in the vibrant Aroma Oasis, where scents become a bridge to your intentions. Feel the energy of Crystal Haven, where intention-aligned crystals inspire and connect you with powerful energies. Illuminate your dreams in our Candle Enclave and let the Positivity Pavilion surround you with high-vibe treasures that uplift your spirits. Last, but certainly not least, send your intentions off into the universe over at Manifestation Depot!

Beyond being a store, My Little Magic Shop is a hub of community and learning. Their captivating workshops, events, and private sessions offer you the chance to deepen your understanding of manifestation while creating connections and shared moments.

Explore their curated assortment of magical tools, each waiting to empower you to make your own magic. With workshops, events, and enchanting tools, they invite you to step into a space where your dreams take root and intentions truly ignite. Your magical journey begins here – join them and let the power of manifestation unfold before your eyes.

About the Small Business

Shereen, the visionary behind My Little Magic Shop, is a passionate advocate for transformation and positive change. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of intention and manifestation, she has crafted a haven where dreams take flight. Shereen’s journey in the realm of metaphysics and personal growth has fueled her commitment to curating an enchanting space where individuals can nurture their desires. My Little Magic Shop was after all just a dream for her once upon a time.

A dedicated seeker of knowledge and inspiration, Shereen brings her expertise to life through My Little Magic Shop’s immersive experience. She’s a trained Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Healing, Timeline Meditation Guide, Akashic Records Practitioner, and veteran Astrologer, and is constantly seeking new ways to weave these practices into her work. Her love for creating meaningful connections led her to design workshops and events that invite others to embrace their inner magic and shape their reality. Guided by a mission to empower individuals on their journey to self-discovery, Shereen’s store is more than just a destination—it’s a beacon of hope, positivity, and shared aspirations.

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Open hours
Wednesday: 11am-6pm
Thursday: 11am-6pm
Friday: 11am-7pm
Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm
Meditation + Magic: Every Friday at 6pm
Opening Reception
Oct 14, 2023 4:00pm-8:00pm
New Year, New Light: Candle Magic & Crystal Grids Workshop w/ Seth Sapphire
Dec 29, 2023 7:00pm-8:00pm
Soulful Soundscapes
Jan 5, 2024 7:00pm-8:00pm
Interactive music journey with Nahia Órla Every First Friday
Soulful Verses: Poetry and Wine Night
Jan 13, 2024 6:00pm-7:00pm
Welcoming local poets to share their verses Every First Saturday
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