Crave & Grace
A Wellness Destination

Envelop your senses with an aroma bar, tasteful teas, elixir libations, and a high-touch experience. All while connecting with a wellness community, learning more about the brand, and the sensory curiosity surrounding you.

About the Business

Introducing the founder of Crave & Grace, Rachel Lang. Ms. Lang has been a trailblazer in the face toning massage movement and has been dedicated to elevating well-being for over 30 years.

Muscle and aroma are deeply connected to the idea of memory. Muscle holds memory and can be guided to strengthen, firm, and hold form. Aroma captures a feeling connected to emotions and can be reignited when inhaled again. Experiencing our wellness sessions at Crave & Grace studio invites your senses on a journey, uplifts your face posture, and profoundly diminishes stress levels resulting in improved mood and posture, restorative sleep, and brain space. We look forward to serving you very soon.

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