Lumina Divina
Sherri Cobb

Lumina Divina is a solo presentation by the Brooklyn-based artist Sherri Cobb, featuring 6 works from 2019-2023.

The works in this series investigate the power dynamic between viewer and painting by combining vibrant contrasts of color and use of the negative space over large fields of raw canvas.

Inspired by notions of the unseen and the divine manifesting as a physical presence, each painting in this series represents the emergence of the metaphysical into the tangible world. The interplay of expressive strokes and negative spaces reveals to the viewer the mysteries of the universe, bridging the visible tangible grounded world and the invisible unseen spiritual that spans the universe.

About the Artist

Sherri Cobb (b.1970) is a Texas born, Brooklyn based abstract painter. She explores the dynamic nature of painting by making powerful color field landscapes using a myriad of systematic brush strokes and physical marks using vivid contrasts of color with acrylic paint on raw canvas as her medium of choice. Cobb originally started oil painting landscapes at the early age of seven.

Sherri received her BFA at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, in 2002. While attending SVA, Cobb worked with artists such as Barry Le Va, Lucio Pozzi and her most devoted advocate, Michael Goldberg who mentored her for her three years while attending the school. During her BFA Cobb additionally volunteered for three consecutive years as the on-site assisting coordinator for the SVA summer Residency Program. It was in this program that Ms. Cobb was exposed to a multitude of talented artists both nationally and internationally. Upon graduation in 2002 she received an honors nomination by the Department Dean Ms. Jeanne Siegel.

Dedicated to the creative innovation of living in such a city as New York, Cobb applied to the highly competitive Masters Program of Hunter College. It is here she spent the next three years fast tracking proficiently through the MFA program gaining great knowledge and priceless relationships with artists & critics such as: Valerie Jaudon, Bob Swain, Irving Sandler and finally her biggest influence & advocate to date, Sanford Wurmfeld.

Sherri continues to have a relationships with her mentors, professors, and colleagues as well as both her alma matters, all of whom, continue to support her to this day.

For more information on Sherri Cobb, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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