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Urban Threads Salon 1791 (UT) is a curated fiber and needle arts creative space hosting artists residences, exhibits, workshops, industry services and an artisan’s gift shop representing wearable art, quilts and quilt art, indie dyed yarn, traditional African textiles, Nigerian bead art, industry publications, posters, Haitian Veves and textile designs.

About Urban Threads

URBAN THREADS curated HARLEM NEEDLE ARTS featuring the works of:

Oluwaseyi Awoyomi (Shayee) is a mixed media artist birthed into a family of visual and performing artists with her parents being the honorable Chief Nike Davies Okundaye and Prince Twins Seven-Seven. Oluwaseyi is a fifth generation Adire dyer; beader, painter, and singer.

For more information on Shayee visit her website and follow them on Instagram.

Alex Reynoso is a self-taught fiber artist who’s done installations/fabrications Harlem Needle Arts and worked with artists like London Kaye, NaomiRag, Nathan Vincent, Knitsforlife, ishKnits, Magda Sayeg and more. The 2019 LGBT Center tree yarnbombs in the Greenwich Village.

For more information on Alex visit his website and follow them on Instagram.

Jasmine Burity, the Angolan-born owner and creator of the ONYEKA brand has a passion for fashion, wellness, and sustainability. Her mission is to become the most reliable, trustworthy, socially and environmentally conscious women’s clothing and wellness collection.

Ife Felix has over 18 years of teaching experience, transforming fibers through expressions in the art of quilt making and design. Working with textile, fabric collage and fabric screening, Ms. Felix teaches participants storytelling in quilts to include personal historical context as well as abstract visuals such as Njahas/Patchwork. Her work has exhibited in Ohio, New York, and South Africa to name a few. In recent years her work traveled with, And Still We Rise: Race, Culture and Visual Conversations organized by the Women of Color Quilters Network in partnership with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and the Cincinnati Museum Center. Currently on exhibition, Ms. Felix works is part of African/American Making the Nation’s Table curated by the Museum of Food and Drink. Ms. Felix’s teaching artist and product portfolio includes the Jacobi Family Advocacy Program, Studio Museum of Harlem, Food Bank of New York, Opus Dance Theatre and Community Services in New York and Ghana and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

For more information on Ife follow her on Instagram.


Open hours
Wednesday: 12pm-6pm
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Saturday: 11am-6pm

Artist in Residence Sahara Briscoe
Closed Wednesday 8/24
The Odyssey
Dec 2, 2022 5:00pm-9:00pm
Art, wearables, textile, and home
Featuring works by Oluwaseyi Awoyomi
The Odyssey
Dec 3, 2022 12:00pm-7:00pm
Art, wearables, textile, and home
Featuring works by Oluwaseyi Awoyomi
The Odyssey
Dec 4, 2022 12:00pm-7:00pm
Art, wearables, textile, and home
Featuring works by Oluwaseyi Awoyomi
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