Upcoming exhibitions
Clay Cure
Nina Watkins

Clay Cure is an exhibition of functional pottery by Nina Watkins that was largely created in the past year during the lockdown at her studio in Orange County, NY while she recovered from the Coronavirus.  The goal is to slowly clear the gallery with each sale and end with an empty gallery on December 31st, the last day of the show.  Through watching the space gradually empty, Nina hopes to release the year 2020 and share with others some of the curing qualities she experienced while making the pottery.
Dec 8 —
Dec 31, 2020
21 Greenwich Ave

Victim Shame, Body Blame *
Christy E. O'Connor

* Postponed until further notice; check this site for new dates.

Victim Shame, Body Blame is an analysis of American rape culture, toxic masculinity and the ever lasting effects our patriarchal society has had on both men and women, as we continue to blame and shame the victims of sexual violence, as perpetrators are rendered free from culpability. This body of work is an analysis on the amalgamation of victim shaming tropes that men and women are taught throughout their lives, both passively and actively, through social norms, pop culture, our educational and legal systems, religious establishments, and familial influences and upbringing.
Dec 3 —
Jan 3, 2021
60 Main St., Matawan
New Jersey
Opening Reception
Dec 3rd

Officially launched in March 2020, the apparel collections are designed in collaboration with contemporary artists both in their members network and curated from their community at large. Rising stars in the emerging art scene, each artist is invited to create what the brand describes as "wearable art". The tees and face masks produced feature exclusive patterns, designs, and digital renderings of original works.
Dec 5 —
Jan 5, 2021
266 W 37th St.
By-Appointment Shopping
Dec 5th
Karen LeBlanc

MissKarret creates handmade, one-of-a-kind garments out of fabric she has dyed, painted and hand printed with her artwork.  Her retro-futuristic styles draw inspiration from ancient times and beyond, creating multi-dimensional patterns and designs that ensconce the body, beautifully camouflaging and accentuating all shapes and sizes.
Dec 9 —
Jan 5, 2021
7 E 14th St.

Crash Doll Vintage: Textile, Art + Design
Nancy J. Cook

Crash Doll Vintage: Textile, Art + Design is a carefully curated exhibition and marketplace created by Nancy J. Cook, featuring a selection of vintage women's clothing, accessories, handmade children’s clothing, knitwear, textile art, and installation. The marketplace also features Wool + Violets a children’s clothing line designed and created by Cook, that features floral prints, polka dots, and solids using Nani Iro and Liberty of London prints. 
Dec 8 —
Jan 6, 2021
7 E 14th St.
Opening Reception
Dec 12th
Fabric and Stone
Gabriele Hiltl-Cohen
and Ute Hiltl

Fabric and Stone is a collaborative installation and artist-run marketplace featuring works by stone carver and sculptor Gabriele Hiltl-Cohen and master tailor and period costume maker Ute Hiltl. The exhibition features textile works, wearable art, hand-carved stone sculptures, and works on paper. Ute Hiltl's fine garments, pillows, cushions, blankets, and masks are inspired by her diverse collection of textiles and are influenced by different cultures and fashion movements from around the world, while Gabriele Hiltl Cohen's work explores patterns found in nature and investigate the materiality and structure of stone itself.
Dec 4 —
Jan 8, 2021
320 W 23rd St.

Plant People Presents
Gold Feather Marketplace

Plant People Presents is an exhibition and holiday marketplace that explores the beautiful connections between people and plants. Created and Curated by Arvolyn Hill of Gold Feather this exhibit explores themes of Botany, Herbalism, Ancestors, Astrology, Gardens, Portals, Sustainability as well as giving and receiving plants as a love language.  This exhibition features nature-inspired art including paintings, watercolors, and pressed flower herbarium specimens.
Dec 12 —
Jan 16, 2021
340 E 64th St.
Opening Reception
Dec 12th
Current exhibitions
Black Lives/Black Matters
curated by Laura James and featuring work by Moses Ros, Evan Bishop, and Alexis Mendoza

Black Lives/Black Matters is an installation that celebrates the worldwide BLM movement and acknowledges this unique moment in our nation’s history, where issues of racism are being brought out into the open. For the fourth presentation in this series, the three selected artists will use paper as their main medium to create a site-specific window installation.
Oct 5 —
Nov 30, 2020
1 Fordham Plaza

Tadasuke Jinno,
ChaNorth Solo Show Awardee

For artist Tadasuke Jinno, a gate is like a boundary between reality and unreality, a boundary that connects the viewer's personal life and his art.  Through paintings, installations, and multiple other media, this exhibition explores and expresses the theme of "gates, spaces, and rituals for confronting the art" through multiple media, paintings and installations.  Tadasuke believes that you see reality differently when you move from the everyday to the extraordinary and back to everyday.  The boundary between the everyday and the extraordinary compels viewers to question their perceptions and awaken new ones.
Nov 18 —
Dec 3, 2020
340 E 64th St.
Opening Reception
Nov 18th
Art We Need Now
The Art Students League of New York

In an ongoing partnership with Chashama, The Art Students League of New York announces Art We Need Now, a new exhibition driven by the question “What art do we need now?” The artists involved took up the call to action and approached it courageously, inviting the audience into their practices of working through lockdown, experimenting with unexpected forms, and in many cases, hanging on to optimism. The show explores themes of urgency in a changing world, isolation in a chaotic city, and hope for a future with a bit more beauty and love in it.
Nov 11 —
Dec 16, 2020
1 Brooklyn Bridge Park

Pop-Up Experience and Marketplace

The BKLYN LEAGUE Marketplace is a curated marketplace and exhibition featuring work from various local artists. Guests will have the opportunity to shop for products and artwork from local artists, either in-store or online.
Nov 28 —
Jan 17, 2021
146 Flushing Ave
Opening Event
Nov 28th
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