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Space to Connect
Through Space to Connect we collaborate with local organizations to create high-quality artistic programming at no cost to our partners or their members. Space to Connect also offers free studios in the Bronx and Washington Heights to artists who give back to the community through teaching and mentoring.
Space to Create
The largest artist studio residency in New York City, our workspace program provides subsidized studio space to 126 New York City based artists with studios located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.
Space to Present
We give performers, visual artists and curators the opportunity to present their work in professional, highly visible venues in a range of locations around New York City.
ChaNorth is Chashama's Hudson Valley artist residency. Sessions are a month long, for groups of 5-7 artists working in a variety of creative fields.
Who runs the world? The second Whitney Houston Biennial offers an all-female spectacle
Three years ago, artists Christine Finley and Eddy Segal were talking about the Whitney Biennial. If she were curator, said Finley (known professionally as C Finley), she’d mix things up by filling three floors with art by women. More
broadway World
Chashama Presents SUBURBAN FORM
With their development of urban areas, humans not only overlaid their living patterns onto nature, but saw this phenomenon as an extension of nature. Suburban Form plays with this idea, suggesting a system of suburban constructions that mimic natural systems. More
The Company Has Property Owners Donating Space for Art
Non-profit Chashama works with property owners to create affordable studio space for artists in the expensive New York market. Founder Anita Durst explains what property owners get out of the deal. More
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