Thursday, June 20th
6 PM – 1 AM
205 E 42nd St, NYC

Dress Daring

Over 300 performers are eager to envelop you in a swirling sea of ChaShaMagic. The event attracts hundreds of the city’s most forward-thinking landowners, corporate executives, art professionals, and innovative creators.

Since 1995, Chashama has transformed unused real estate into spaces for artists, small businesses, and community-centric art classes.

Gala proceeds allow Chashama to grant $13 million worth of space for:

  • Free Classes – 200 free art classes in under-resourced communities
  • Artist Workspaces – 180 workspaces for artists and performers
  • Presentations – 150 theatre, dance, music, and visual arts events
  • Small Businesses – 78 Minority and Women entrepreneurs supported

Together, we can give artists and entrepreneurs the freedom to follow their dreams, enliven their neighborhoods, and inspire the world with their visions.

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