NYC Through My Eyes
Louis Pioli

NYC Through My Eyes is a solo exhibition by the artist Louis Pioli. The show presents his artworks created from his photographs featuring New York City which has been his home and inspiration for the past 40+ years. Pioli is also a photographer and has been taking photographs professionally with devotion for decades. The works displayed in the exhibition are where his love for art, photography, and New York City all meet.

In his works, Pioli attempts to encapsulate not only what he sees but what he feels by digitally manipulating some of his own photographs. Using multiple editing software, such as Photoshop, Corel Painter, Lightroom along with several others, he enhances the image, alters the texture and colors, adds multiple images, brush strokes and shadows into his artwork to portray his feelings that were in his mind at the time when taking the photographs. Resulting works are truly unique and one of a kind. The artist invites you to see his artwork and enjoy the journey to the world he sees and feels through his eyes beyond the camera lens.

About the Artist

Louis Pioli is a photographer/graphic artist, originally from the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York. His love for art was always evident in the early years. In the 80’s, as a commercial associate photographer with Giraldi Studios in New York City, Pioli stage-lit and shot print ads for Canal Jeans Co., Miller Lite, Lancome Cosmetics and AT&T among others. In the 90’s his freelance work included design, retouching and printing of advertisement photographs for the Silhouette Group, actor and musician headshots along with theatrical production publicity and archival photography for The Pearl Theatre Company and BZ Productions.

Then entered the technology age of computers. With a creative mind always seeking that visual pleasing creative piece, Pioli began using his photographs and worked on developing a technique, utilizing computer programs, experimenting with different papers and ink. Which leads us to where we are today, creating artwork from his photographs, digitally enhancing an adding multiple images, objects as well as shadows in his work.

Pioli currently resides in New York City and explores all over the place every day for his next inspiration.

For more information on Louis, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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