Tadasuke Jinno,
ChaNorth Solo Show Awardee

For artist Tadasuke Jinno, a gate is like a boundary between reality and unreality, a boundary that connects the viewer’s personal life and his art.  Through paintings, installations, and multimedia, this exhibition explores and expresses the theme of “gates, spaces, and rituals”, and explores the artist’s notion of perception and how it compels viewers to question their perception in both quotidian and extraordinary surroundings.

In the artists’ home country of Japan, visitors to a shrine will pass through a religious gate called a “Torii” to purify themselves.  Tadasuke feels that this ritual allows one to become closer with nature, and compares this to the relationship between the viewer and his own works.  Depending on the distance and angle of the viewer Tadasuke’s work changes by movement. Due to the presence of Covid-19 Tadasuke will not be exhibiting works that audiences can touch; however, he has still put in place mechanisms for his audiences to interact with the work and question their perspective.

During the opening reception, the artist will present a brief site-specific performance exploring the ways that sights can affect sounds, and vice versa.  Tadasuke will play with audiences’ expectations during the performance, using sound design that potentially conflicts with onlookers’ predictions and leading them to discover new perceptions.

About the Artist:

Tadasuke Jinno is a New York-based visual artist from Japan whose practice includes painting, sculpture, and installations.  In his home country of Japan, he studied and worked in graphic design for over ten years.

Eleven years ago, he moved to New York and studied painting and mixed media at The Art Students League of New York, which would later house his works in their permanent collection.  Tadasuke was an artist-in-residence in 2014 at NARS Foundation in Brooklyn; in 2017 at GlogauAIR in Berlin, Germany; Zaratan AIR in Lisbon, Portugal; in 2019 at ChaNorth International Artists-in-Residency in New York; and in 2020 at Crosstown Art residency in Memphis, TN.

For more information on Tadasuke and his work visit his website or follow his Instagram.

About the Curators
Peter Fulop is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and educator. Fulop’s work has been shown and is included in many public collections, in museums and major galleries across the world.

For more about Peter, visit him online at

Brigitta Váradi, is an artist, educator, curator, and residency director of Chashama North Residency Program ( ChaNorth). During her recent residency at the MAD Museum of Arts and Design in NYC, Varadi focused on a community-based research project commissioned by Burlington City Arts (BCA), an arts education and studio center in Burlington, Vermont. Her residency at MAD and Shelburne Farms culminated with a solo exhibit at the BCA Centre in February 2020. In addition to developing her own practice, Brigitta works on commissions and exhibitions, developing projects with people of all ages and abilities within the community sector, schools, prisons, and art centers. She has co-designed and facilitated the Creative Lab for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany (2013).

For more about Brigitta, visit her online at

About Chashama North (ChaNorth)
ChaNorth, Chashama’s upstate residency program, offers space, time, and inspiration for 5-7 artists to work and live in the Hudson Valley for four weeks, providing artists networking, exhibition, and teaching opportunities and at the same time promote interest, awareness, and understanding of visual arts in a rural community through engagement with the artists.

ChaNorth residency offers its artists: a solo show award, a selected group show, and a young artist fellowship award, and has a studio visit, education outreach, and community exchange program. ChaNorth is currently accepting applications in all creative fields, including but not limited to visual arts, choreography, writing, music composition, and performance.

For more about ChaNorth and to apply, visit online at and follow on Instagram.

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