Fordham Plaza Opening Show

Image credit: Iván Gaete, Bronxmatic, Post It Notes, 2019

Space to Connect Artists Iván Gaete, Sharon Lee De La Cruz, Dianne Hebbert and Gina Fuentes Walker exhibited large scale window installations at Fordham Plaza.  The Artists had the freedom to curate their own installation.

About the Artists
Iván Gaete is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who transforms simple, everyday materials and items into playful, thought-provoking works that invite viewers to re-examine the ordinary. His intricate drawings, paper constructions, photographs and installations are multi-­layered surveys that explore the transfer of matter, both physical and conceptual. He connects mapping, cosmology and social sculpture using a wide range of systematic and elaborated manual processes.

For more about Gaete, please visit him online at He may also be followed on Instagram.

Sharon Lee De La Cruz is an artist and activist from New York City. Their thought-provoking pieces address a range of issues related to tech, social justice, sexuality, and race. De La Cruz’s work ranges from comics, graffiti, and public-art murals to more recent explorations in interactive sculptures, animation, and coding. As the assistant director of The StudioLab, a creative tech lab at Princeton University, Lee De La Cruz is an advocate for bridging the accessibility gap in STEM education.

For more about Lee De La Cruz, please visit them online at They may also be followed on Instagram.

Dianne Hebbert is a dynamic curator and artist, working primarily in painting, printmaking and installation art. Raised in Miami, Florida she attended New World School of the Arts. Hebbert earned her BFA in painting from Purchase College in 2010 and MFA in Printmaking from Brooklyn College in 2016.

Exploring representations of presence, power, and identity, Hebbert’s portraits examine these dynamics through size and posture. She paints large figures onto frosted mylar with flashe paint which are then hung from the ceiling or installed. Exploiting the inherent qualities of the translucent material, the paintings hang like objects in space and are viewed as objects in the round. Each image exists as a discrete object and also as an installation. The artwork may be installed singularly or in flexible groupings, allowing a sense of play and recreating a community laden with nostalgia, personal interactions and social issues.

For more information about Hebbert, please visit her online at She may be also followed on Instagram.

Gina Fuentes Walker is a visual artist, photographer, voice over artist and curator who lives and works in New York City. Born in Washington DC to parents from Bolivia and Peru, she grew up reading Mafalda and Condorito comic books and other graphic novels her father would buy to slyly test her Spanish language skills. Gina Fuentes Walker creates photo and paper installations in her studio, using available light and translucent materials such as glass, Plexiglas, color transparencies and less translucent card stock and kraft paper. Images of trees and landscapes are printed on transparencies, light filters through the material to create another layer or image on the studio wall that resembles abstract patterns and silhouettes of the natural world. Whether she is working large or small, the process of cutting becomes a meditation.

For more information about Fuentes Walker, please visit her online at She can also be followed on Instagram.

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