Art Reveals How Technology Expands Reality
Peng Qi

Art Reveals How Technology Expands Reality is a solo exhibition by the artist Peng Qi. The show presents a collection of his iconic creations, like Flashing Body, Phoenix, Eidolon, Abstract, etc. He takes inspiration from diverse culture and internet, captures un-nature colors and patterns that appear randomly on the computer and image devices, as well as the imaginations in his head, fuses it with his own traditions and belief systems, filters it through the lens of technology, and then expresses it on canvas in a mesmerizing manner.

His work reflects the influence of the digital network on people’s living environments, thinking modes, and artistic creation, focuses extensively on bringing new life to ancient art by combining technology and traditional culture, exploring the possibilities of how human intellect complements the machine’s precise ability by human-machine interaction and cooperation, bringing Virtual Reality into Real Reality and revealing how technology expands reality.

Over the past 30 years, Peng Qi has been following the development of technologies and RECORD the development of the age in his work. Technology has mediated the way we perceive reality in a superinvisible and nuanced way. By stepping out of our habitual, almost machine-like behavior, to explore how we interface with reality after that, and finally find common ground between each other, he intends to uncover our blind spots and retrain our perception, and consequently, give different perspectives to think how we could be doing differently.

About the Artist

Peng Qi is an award-winning visual artist and art educator. He works passionately to unlock new ways to create contemporary art that bears the mark of the age. He developed an interest in combing painting skills with computer and internet during his bachelor and master study at Hubei Academy of Fine Arts starting in 1992, when the computer and internet were still very new in the world. He has been working in the field for over 20 year and has distinguished himself through his unique ability to generate virtual and photoelectric color effects that do not exist in the natural world.

His artworks have been exhibited internationally in a variety of prominent venues and are part of private and public collections in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Selected awards are Artist of the Year by The Circle Foundation (France) ,Chairman’s Award of International Art Competition at Art Revolution Taipei 2012, 3rd Place of Contemporary Art Competition by Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation and Arttrees Museum. When not working, Peng Qi travels the world to admire the diverse cultures in different countries and also allocates time to mentor young artists, encouraging them to find their own unique voice.

For more information about Peng Qi follow him on Instagram.

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