Malik Tricoche

Facilities Technician
Malik Muhammad Tricoche is a Puerto Rican-American artist raised in New York. Currently living and working in NYC with Chashama as a Facilities Technician while maintaining mainting his private studio practice.
In 2016 he had studied painting and sculpture at the Academia Di Belle Arte in Venice, Italy and in 2018 graduated from the Boston University School of Visual Arts inspiring the very first SVA Character Award representing the values and ideals of the school. In 2019 he founded Guayaba Gallery in Union City, NJ— going on to curate and exhibit shows like “Guayaba01” and “6FT FROM YOU” while working with the Themendous sculpture team on installations for the 2019 MET Gala, NYC fashion week and the Museum of Sex. Throughout his career he has retained the notion that his painting process is a ritual to which he receives spiritual guidance, circumnavigating his position in the social ,political economic structures imposed on him. Being heavily influenced by the  iconography of Yoruba and European religions and their synchronization that was popularized in the Caribbean and Latin America during the Spanish colonization of the western world
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