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Our Space to Connect program in the Bronx is a collaboration with Fordham Bedford Housing and Community Services.  The artists of this program teach weekly classes in Fordham Bedford’s community programs in exchange for their Work Space.  Chashama Provides access to Materials for the Arts (MFTA) and a limited materials budget. This year round program is open to writers, visual artists and dancers.

Our current resident artists include Natalie N. Caro, Charles Esperanza, Djoniba Mouflet, and emerging Bronx Artist Xiomara Malpica.  These artists teach a variety of visual arts and dance classes at Fordham Bedford’s community after school and senior programs.  To learn more about the artists and their workshops click here

The visual art studios are varying sizes and shapes – all have linoleum floors, some wall space and at least one window.  These studios and their windows are at ground level.  There is one regular bathroom and one bathroom outfitted with a slopsink.



To Apply
This length of this residency is set based on the project and the artist's schedule.  Most residencies are around a year in length.

Bi-lingual and lifetime residents of the Bronx receive priority for this program
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