Saehyun Paik

Saehyun Paik is New York-based abstract artist. Saehyun has several gallery and museum exhibitions. Saehyun is searching for all that the modern human experience lacks. Recently, Saehyun has been experimenting and exploring minimalism, through pattern, line, and close color relationships.

Difficulty adapting to social situations in her early years caused Saehyun to learn to create dialogues and rapports through art material themselves. She now explores these ‘conversations’ by blending two or more media in each of her processes. Having former her communication style through painting repetition and leaning Saehyun continues to explore people without representing them.

“What I think about line is... Line can make a drawing, communication, it can create songs and rhythm, and it can express speed. I like to use parallel lines to make movement and elegant moods in my work. I always think many line patterns are elegant, and this is what we can find easily in our life. Examples of kitchenware, fabric and textiles, household products, fashion inspire me.”

About Saehyun
Saehyun Paik (b. South Korea) is an artist currently based in New York. When she was young she was interested in color, composition, Miseenscène, design, and uncommon beauty. During her teenage years, she grew in a competitive atmosphere, trained with inherently talented artists and developed her technical skills. At a young age, she worked towards her goal to be an artist by freelancing as an illustrator and designer in magazines. After graduating high school, she worked as a concept designer in the commercial design industry. During her time in the commercial world, she developed her passion for fine arts. She attended Samsung Art and Design Institute and moved to the United States.

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