Pia Pownall

My work seeks to capture the dueling existence of Beauty & Ugly that is in all things and in each of us.

If we could embrace our “ugliest” parts, than we would know self-love and be capable of true empathy for others. This is the through-line of my existence: to love and integrate all aspects of my self, especially my most unsightly flaws; it is an ongoing process mirrored in my painting work.

Whether I am painting landscapes or people, I deliberately seek out a duality in aesthetics. For this reason, all my paintings must have elements that are jarring, aggressive and downright ugly when singled out, but that ideally harmonize within the piece as a whole. I want to show that those unsightly elements are in fact an integral part of the beauty and complexity of the artwork. My hope is that the viewer will draw a connection with their own imperfections and realize that there is no such thing as ugly, and that all the dark, twisted and flawed facets of themselves make them (and us) beautifully human.

My painting style is constantly changing as I keep discovering new techniques and mediums. I am always looking to challenge myself, to learn more about painting and to take on more creative risks. We must always evolve and so to must my work. The only constant I hope to keep is the curiosity and enthusiasm that drive me to create.

About Pia Pownall

Pia is an American-born artist who grew up in the South of France. Travels and exposure to a rich array of cultures and settings were an integral part of her upbringing. Those early experiences seeded in her a deep curiosity about the world and her place in it. She delved into the subjects of psychology and philosophy- two passions that even today continue to influence her creative choices and treatment of subject matter. ​

At 19 she moved to Miami intent on a career in the performing arts. She attended New World School of The Arts, received a BFA in Acting and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida. After a professional stage and film career, she felt creatively restless and turned to painting, something she’d only ever played around with. She quickly sold several of her works to private collectors which encouraged her to turn this outlet into a new career. Pia works mostly abstractly, finding it to be the freest form for her self-expression.

Her Inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere, a single color, an architectural design or a pattern on a wall. But there is no final image or end goal in mind; this allows her to remain open to whatever turns the painting will take as it evolves and reveals itself to her. ​She’s currently working on a collection of small abstract landscapes that are otherworldly with a synesthesia quality. She is also exploring collage as a medium for abstract architectural representation. ​Pia is a self-taught painter.

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