Milka Montero

In “Human Expressions,” a series of oil on canvas paintings Montero is documenting facial features. She is a Dominican woman with multicultural facial features. Therefore in her paintings, she questions what is culture? What is identity? What is gender? She questions why all these binaries are important to us.

About Milka Montero

Milka Montero was born in Manhattan, New York on July 31, 1991. She attended The High School of Art and Design. There she studied oil painting with instructor James Harrington. In 2009 her “Harley” painting was shown at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Where Montero won first place in the P.S Art competition and was awarded a scholarship to Pratt Institute. Earlier in 2008, Montero was awarded The Prescott Merit Scholarship by The Art students League. Later her still life paintings were exhibited at Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery. Montero continues to create new art pieces and learning new techniques at The Art Students League of New York.

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