Johanna Aenderl Ryan

I am an emerging visual artist working primarily with cyanotype (a.k.a. blueprints/sun prints) and monotypes. Cyanotype was one of the first photographic processes ever created. It was used for scientific documentation of the body, botanicals, architecture blueprints, and photographs. I use this process primarily as a printmaking method.

My work is representational and I approach making with fervor in exploring materials. While my materials might evolve, nature is always the inspiration for my work. To this end, I focus on strengthening my own relationship with the natural world. To make a cyanotype I must be aware of the sun’s position and strength. To paint on a plastic surface I must know how water behaves. I let nature work. My process is a way for me to create new experiences with nature and the results are always surprising.

Memories are the foundation of my imagery – memories of my childhood in Minnesota’s wetlands, of cherished camping trips, of glimpses of nature as I walk through Brooklyn. By working through memory, exploring the times I have experienced the natural world, I am also reflecting on how the vast majority of my life is disconnected from these experiences. Most of my life is spent in one of the largest cities in the world, surrounded by human-made environments. This disconnect has become even more apparent during this pandemic. There is a sense of loss, but my process is always my touchpoint to hope.

About Johanna Aenderl Ryan

Johanna Aenderl Ryan is an emerging artist primarily focused on utilizing printmaking methods in a painterly way. She was born and raised in Minnesota. Growing up she spent her summers swimming in lakes, going camping, and living most of her formative years next to a wetland. She went on her first camping trip before she was two years old and her last camping trip was last year. A decade ago she moved to New York City and now lives in Brooklyn.

Ms. Ryan started on her artistic path in writing; graduating from Hamline University with a concentration in creative writing.

During this time she had some of her work published, but she moved away from these pursuits and found a love for using her skills to help others. She worked for over a decade at nonprofits serving individuals experiencing homelessness and the formally incarcerated. During this time, she found her way back to creating – but now in the visual arts. She has collaborated on projects with like-minded artists; creating art for a local musician and filmmakers. Ms. Ryan dedicated herself fully to her art career in 2017 and has since completed a Masters in Fine Arts in 2020. Ms. Ryan has had her work included in over a dozen group shows throughout New York City.

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