Jennie Booth

Booth’s work explores the ambiguity of the conscious self; awkward, tentative and quietly miraculous. The life of the mind as it struggles with its own nature. From the security of Place (represented by the intimate and comfortable
nature of a chair) we long for the transcendent freedom of Space, both physical and mental. But within the unbounded freedom of space, we long for the security of place; and in both place and space, we carry a deep undercurrent of longing for love.

About Jennie Booth 

Brooklyn artist Jennie Booth’s work is cerebral and challenging in its quietness. Widely exhibited, her recent shows include a solo exhibit at the Sheen Center For Thought and Culture,NYC and the international sculpture festival, Socha a Objekt XX in Bratislava, Slovakia. Significant to her practice is the many residencies and grants she has been awarded; artAmari (Crete), Cill Rialaig (Ireland), Mano Y Mente (New Mexico), and the prestigious Marie Walsh Sharpe Studio Program, to name a few. From a humorously scathing Wall Street Journal ABC No Rio review to positive words from New York Time’s Roberta Smith, Booth has a rich bibliography that spans print and digital genres.

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