David Jacobsen Loncle

We make art to remind us that looking can learn to see about the things we once were and the things we might just be

My work is about the philosophy and poetry of form. It can be viewed from the premise that looking is thinking, and that our ability to see generates what we make of our world. I believe that our basic visual experiences develop into the richness of our cultural existence. My work most often begins with abstract images that inspire writing and installation. Installations wherein the apprehension of relationships between mediums creates dynamic experiences intended to encourage contemplation. Art maintains and discovers the skills we need to apprehend the world beyond us and within us. It helps us navigate the challenges of living with ourselves and with one another. I look to give it shape. I look to dignify the subtleties within us.

About David Jacobsen Loncle

David Jacobsen Loncle is Visual Artist, Writer and Educator based in New York City. Highlighted as among Staten Island’s most prominent artist he is an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the City University of New York where he has been designing classes in Studio Art and Civics for over a decade. With the Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation he recently published a compilation of writing to bring to light the work and teaching of the obscured Abstract Expressionist artist Pat Passlof entitled: “To Whom the Shoe Fits : Letters to Young Painters”. In 2019-20 he produced the first series of what has become a popular art and poetry blog entitled “dumbbird” which can be found on his website. Jacobsen Loncle exhibits and lectures internationally and has been a resident with the Space to Create Program since 2017.

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