Year of the Deuce: the art of Two Thangs
Two Thangs

Two Thangs makes vibrant crowd-sourced paintings for anyone and everyone. He takes two concepts chosen by a variety of different people and works with them to create original art of the two ideas presented to him. The two pieces of “popular” culture can be anything as long as it’s not derived from the person’s singular life experience, and work as both cultural portraits of the people that conceptualize the ideas and points of connection between them, and the people with which the ideas resonate with. In the last 8 years since the birth of the Two Thangs concept, he has painted over 250 of these works for people all over the world.

His solo show, Year of the Deuce will unveil a series of paintings, with mashups such as Twin Peaks / Bob’s Burgers, Hunter S. Thompson / Lions, and Snail / Banana, and also larger installations that represent the berth of the entire body of work. This selection of paintings for this show which lies outside of his commissioned paintings are pulled from interactions with interesting people he has met traveling across the country to present his art.

About the Artist

Matthew Brennan IV who creates art under the name Two Thangs graduated from Kutztown University with a BFA in 2002. He started the Two Thangs project in Seattle WA in 2015 and has since relocated to Providence RI. He gained notoriety in Seattle through his quirky mural work including the house-sized painting of Divine and Bettie Page along the side of the interstate. While he was in the area, he was profiled in the Seattle Times, the Stranger, and the Seattle Weekly and exhibited at spaces like the KEXP gallery, True Love Gallery, Ghost Gallery, and the Seattle Design Center. While in New England, he has been profiled in the Providence Journal and Boston Hassle with exhibitions at AS220 and Boston City Hall.

For more information on Two Thangs visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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