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Maureen Jane O’Neil Darmetko (MO.J.O) left a small suburban town in Massachusetts to pursue her art career in New York City. After accumulating three years at Pratt Institute, she continued her studies with four more years at the Cooper Union in Manhattan. Her love for color and form moved her professionally into interior design in the NYC metropolitan area. At times her clientele would purchase some of her works for the very space she was designing for them. Maureen would occasionally paint through the following years along with raising a family with her husband, Joe. When things finally settled down, she returned more consistently to the canvas. In a true sense, the work presented in this exhibition is a combination of six decades of living, loving, and painting.  Aside from her love for color and adventure, her paintings also reflect her personal experiences of her life’s journey.

This exhibit has been secretly orchestrated by her family, as a surprise for Maureen’s sixtieth birthday.

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