WORKSession in Four Walls
Karen Bernard, Rachel Thorne Germond, Jil Guyon, Lisa Parra

WORKSession In Four Walls explores the possibilities created by artists sharing and comingling their individual processes in a salon-like community. All four artists are multidisciplinary and experiment with the intersection of the image with the body. Sharing a common vocabulary of dance, they explore different modalities within the movement by combining it with visual art, film, video, sound, installation, and language to various effects. For this project, each artist takes a different wall to display their visual media with scheduled performances during the exhibition period, allowing new juxtapositions and unexpected connections to arise.

About New Dance Alliance

Incorporated in 1989, New Dance Alliance (NDA) is a performing arts nonprofit. Its mission, from the earliest days, has been to support experimental movement-based artists. In recent years, the organization has shifted its focus, making an explicit commitment to equity and inclusion, creating programs centering on the work of artists from historically marginalized communities. NDA provides space, residencies, performance, and networking opportunities that help artists cultivate relationships, develop their artistry, and open doors to share their work in the U.S. and internationally. Its main programs are Performance Mix Festival, NDA Studio Programs (Black Artists Space to Create Residency, LiftOff: Residency and Workshop, Satellite Rehearsal Space, Work Sessions), and projects created by interdisciplinary artist and performer Karen Bernard. Collectively, these programs support the work of more than 100 experimental artists and bring in 2,500 audience members each year.

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Photo: Jil Guyon, metaverse screenshot

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