Andrew Hutner & Jarid Blue

For the last two weeks of January, you are invited to an immersive installation to enjoy daily programs of art, comedy, music, dancing, projection mapping, interactive performances, and an exclusive art shop. Explore new realms of the creative process and make this new year your year of WOAH!

On January 27th-28th experience the culmination of Andrew Hutner and Jarid Blue’s two-week collaboration when Hutner’s comedy variety show “PUNCHLOCK” meets Blue’s “Astral Plane” projection mapping installation for a very special two-day performance.

About the Artists

Andrew Hutner is a conceptual performance artist. Through the use of sculpture, painting, and improvisational happenings, his work encapsulates the theater of masculinity. In a recent month-long residency sponsored by ChaShaMa Andrew created “generative performance art” by collaborating with his audience. For this project, which is best described as “art-making meets social experiment,” spectators threw paintballs while he worked on two paintings. Participants could choose either “conflict” (throw paint at him) or “collaboration” (aim for the canvas). Hutner continually expands his practice to involve communal outreach and collaborative artistic innovation. He currently facilitates weekly “Art Night” gatherings based out of his Chelsea studio where fellow artists are invited to network and co-create.

For more information on Andrew visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Jarid Blue’s installation series, “Light Baths,” opens a rare window into the relationship between our consciousness and the bodies we inhabit. Blue offers a safe space to empower the subject in shedding societal expectations and embracing their own beauty by photographing them under original designs of projected light. The series is an exploration into multidisciplinary forms of portraiture in a powerful and personal nature. “Light Baths” seeks to shift both the mindset of participant and viewer; an empowering reminder that everyone deserves to revel in their own beauty.

For more information on Jarid visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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