Wicked Equity! #MakeUsVisible NYC 2022
The Extended Reality Ensemble

The Extended Reality Ensemble presents a gender-equity visibility festival Wicked Equity! #MakeUsVisible NYC 2022, featuring gender equity videos with closed captions, performances, and conversations. This performance is designed to celebrate and to raise awareness to the spectacular 31 AR NY Monuments spanning across all five boroughs. In the videos featured, digital sculptures of gender diverse figures are juxtaposed against statues of men across the five boroughs of New York City. An interactive map guides viewers to 31 virtual monuments shown in Augmented Reality, while an audio tour tells the stories of each sculpture. People can use their smartphone screens and reveal the true face of the city, and are encourage to share their images with #MakeUsVisible hashtag to expand this conversation globally. Anyone can be a part of this performance/conversation through this link: xrensemble.com

About the Artists


She’s Excited!

Patrice Miller

LuLu LoLo

Alana Rader

Karan Rathod

King Downing

Clara Francesca

Guest Speakers 

Carla Gannis

Marcus Gualberto on Art Allies

Featured Videos

Gender Equity & Reconciliation International (GERI)

In Search Of The New compassionate Male

Remaking Manhood

Flex Dance Program Inc.

Vizmesh & Friends “Women In The NFT Space”

Menka Sethi’s “Housing is More”

Marcos de la Fuente’s New Worlds

AR Artists

Mr. Backlash (Angela Davis) by Erin Ko

Pandora’s Snatch by Meredith Drum

Pachamama by N3T4

Lozen Apache Spiritual Warrior by Bryce Burrell with the guidance and assistance of Meredith Drum

Thrown Into Existence by Void People

Alice Guy, In Part by Chloé Lee

The Artist DV2 by Colette Robbins

A Song of Living Reciprocity (Learning With Robin Wall Kimmerer) by Shannon McMullen Studio

Iridescentia by MediaCoeli

Hettie Anderson by Sue Roh

SUPREME FEEL / SCARY FROM THE BLACK HOLE by Lyoubov Touinova’s alter-ego, Barbie Blaster

Re-Canonization of St. Perpetiel by Heavenly Androgyne

Colours of Kalpana by Ansh Kumar

Zitkála-Šá, the name she chose herself by katiamess

Excluded: Black Women in American History by Lauren Owen

Portrait of t. by Sophie Kahn

Mami Wata by Minne Atairu

[name] are you okay? by KS Brewer

Being Seen: ReSculpting South Asian History by Shehara Ranasinghe

Synesthesia by Dagmar Schürrer

Solar Symphony by Storm Ritter

New York Nails by Sue Roh and Leah Roh

Cassandra by Eva Davidova & Shirin Anlen

G@r1B@ldA! by Carla Gannis

Daughter ICE by Snow Yunxue Fu

Jeanna Bauck by Tabitha Nagy

Fang at Quantum Gravity Research by Hazel Griffiths

Streaming Hildegard by Mary Ann Strandell

Hecate by Brittany Kurtinecz

Bessie by Rory Scott

AOC Fountain (Interdependent Futures Series) by Beatrice Glow

Curated by XRE‘s Anne Wichmann, Clara Francesca, with Katie Peyton Hofstadter

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