WHOOP DEE DOO is a non-profit arts organization that creates live performances, immersive installations, and educational programming through community-engaged collaboration. WHOOP DEE DOO’s award-winning artists and educators have created programming with organizations including Art21, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), BRIC, Brooklyn Arts Council, Pioneer Works, Dia:Chelsea & Dia:Beacon, Franklin Furnace, Beam Center, Creative Artworks, Abrons Art Center, NY Studio Residency Program, and Artist Alliance, as well as over 100 colleges and public schools in the United States and abroad.

WHOOP DEE DOO’s new space will host a multitude of workshops, live shows, haunted bingo and more! Their first installation will be a “haunted bingo hall”, where they will host workshops with youth and older adults, creating live shows and programs for an upcoming public access television show. WHOOP DEE DOO will also soon release their upcoming workshop series available to youth and young adults to design and create their very own public access tv variety show. They will also be working with older adults – collaborating with local older adult centers – and morph their programming into their first longer-term intergenerational workshop series.

Participating Artists: Whoop Dee Doo artists include young artists from Red Hook Art Project, and crew includes Sofia Dixon, Emily Flores, Josh Pavlick, Jaimie Warren, Sarah Dahlinger, Danny Crump, Theresa-Xuan Bui, Micah Fornari, Miguel Centeno, among others.

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