Welcome To My House
Carmen Teixidor

The artist, Carmen Teixidor, has chosen to present samples of her work divided into three parts—Welcome to My House, figures, and self-portraits—all digital prints created over the years. The title of this presentation is based on the largest print in the show, an open house revealing twenty scenes, each a digital composition of photographs, video stills, and other original elements. The artist notes that each scene constitutes an integrated whole, even though its components might have originated in different media. The photographed figures are mirror or mylar reflections intersected by the mirror edges, or distorted. Teixidor describes them as “fictitious”. Her self-portraits are actually video stills of mylar reflections; the camera movement coupled with the mylar distortion creates unexpected results. “They are my emotions…I photographed my subconscious,” explains Teixidor, noting the non-realistic nature of her work. “Using mirrors or the computer as an intermediary medium creates a distance that allows me to accept representations of myself, which I may not have accepted otherwise.”

About the Artist
Born and raised in France, Carmen Teixidor immigrated to the United States as a young adult. She started to work intensely on her art in her early forties. Beginning as a sculptress of heroic-size plaster figures, she switched to photography and video, starting from scratch, when illness prevented her from doing heavy physical work. She is presently working on a book entitled A THOUSAND AND ONE IMAGES: an endangered artist’s illuminated book.

For more about Carmen, visit her online at carmenteixidor.com or follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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