Washed Up

As two dancers who have taken some time away from the thing they love most in the world and have had to ask themselves, “Who am I without this?”, the creators of Washed Up are stepping back in with fresh eyes, a new perspective and a question – what happens when something is “over” and the conventional rules don’t matter anymore?

It’s a question they’re still not sure they can answer but they want to try for everyone who finds themselves asking:

How am I going to get to the next paycheck?

How am I going to find my next job?

How am I going to get noticed?

How am I going to get revenge?

How am I going to fix the system?

Their hope is to help change the narrative and allow everyone the freedom and space to ask:

What would I do if I was doing it simply because I wanted to? Who would I be then?

Because after everything, we’re here to heal and find our selves and each other. Together.

About the Artists

What do a doula, Pilates instructor, front desk manager, business owner, cat mom, adventure seeker, Pisces and Aquarius all have in common? Love. Movement. And a drive to keep going.

Zoe Allocco Finn and Cassandra Cotta met years ago, when they would have referred to themselves as professional dancers. These days, any one of those other things would probably come way before they ever said, “Oh and yes, I’m also a dancer.” As they have performed together in New York City and across the country, with companies like Erick Montes/Danceable Projects, Kinesis Project Dance Theater, Micca, Renee Gerardo and so many more, they are almost certainly still dancers at heart.

This will be their first step towards being dancers out loud again. They are very excited to be back doing the thing they love with the support of the ones they love everyone who’s made this possible enough.

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