Michael Ziga

Waiting is a solo show by Brooklyn-based artist Michael Ziga, featuring a series of figurative sculptures that explore the infinite variations of human forms. The sculptures included in the show were created by using 3D scans that the artist has taken in New York City subway platforms. To create these works, Ziga uses 3D scanning and CNC routing to construct the initial forms and later embellish each sculpture by hand, giving life to the machined objects. Each painting’s abstracted figure retain the structure of the original human form whom the data is scanned, but their identifying details have been reduced by technological processes.

About the Artist 

Michael Ziga (b. 1993, USA) is a NYC-based artist who uses digital fabrication techniques to question humanity’s reliance on technology. Through this process, he aims to understand the devices that stimulate and expedite people’s lives. Ziga’s work reveals the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines and investigates ambiguity between these two entities. His sculptures propose humanity’s gradual domestication by technology and ask how humans might evolve conforming to our devices. Previously, he has exhibited at Cité Internationale des Arts and Seoul WebFest, to name a few. He received B.F.A at Parsons School of Design. Currently, he also works as a preservation assistant at Joel Sternfeld.

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