Visual Meditations
Sabrina Puppin

Sabrina Puppin’s work is an abstract visual interpretation of reality in which she attempts to understand and appreciate abstraction as a phenomenon perception and inclusion in reality, where each and every perception by anyone is a valid attempt to understand the truth. Perception based on abstract interpretation is an intrinsic part of reality, not a false image imposed upon it.

The series of paintings presented in the show are a negotiation between structure and surface, where the structure is the static and analytic (rational) component and the painted surface is the energetic and spontaneous component. The use of a constructed composition of canvasses as base to contain the pictorial component of the work adds a new and very important element to the overall perception of the pieces. With her work the artist sought to reinstate the primacy of form and color as formal elements in works composed according to aesthetic principles. Sabrina Puppin’s work creates a visionary space where the viewer can live in and be dazed by unpredictable optical effects. The work is about the individual perception of reality obtained through the visual meditation.

Fascinated by Stephen Hawking’s question, “How do we know we have the true, undistorted picture of reality?” Sabrina Puppin, a former realistic painter, started to create work that depicts a visionary space. While walking through her life, Sabrina Puppin is overwhelmed by visions in which the world as seen and known begins to dematerialize and the underlying spatial relationship disappear. Her abstract work depicts this intangible space creating its own reality.

About the Artist
Sabrina Puppin’s work has been exhibited internationally, including Distorted Reality, a solo show at Cluster Gallery, New York, NY, USA; SHIM Invitational 6 at SHIM/ArtHelix Gallery, New York, NY, USA; Femina 2000 Biennial in Israel; the Triennial at the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India; 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg Celebrations, at Gorohavaya 6 Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia; as well as in a number of other solo and group shows in Germany, USA, and Qatar. Her residencies include: Expo 2015, Qatar Pavillion, Milan (2015), Italy, Turquoise Mountain Institute and Contemporary Center Afghan Art, Kabul, Afghanistan (2013 and 2014). Sabrina Puppin earned a MFA in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, USA, a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Study and a MA in Art History and Anthropology at Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH, USA, and a BA in Studio Practice and Art History at Norwich University, Montpelier, VT, USA.

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