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Located along the historic songline of W 23rd St. just down the street from the Chelsea West Cinema, which was the home of the Roundabout Theatre Company, from 1974 to 1984. Tucked away in a Chashama space, Unlimited Stages presents its Unlimited Scripts Showcase.

Crawling their way out of an underground rehearsal space in the basement of Theater for the New City in the East Village where these plays were birthed, Unlimited Stages’ Unlimited Scripts give us a look at life and some of the good and bad that comes with it. Through the nurturing nature of Theatre at St. Johns in the West Village, these plays began to breathe life and spread their light. With the gift of space through the organization that gives a home to artists and keeps New York vibrant and filled with art, Chashama, they were given a home amongst its family of artists.

The Plays
The Waiting Game by Robert Neapolitan – In life we are faced with an endless stream of choices. Some you can reverse and others you can not change.

Two Brothers in a Car Going Nowhere by Eric Berkeley – What do brothers Jay and Everett do when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? Lay everything out on the table.

When You Were Young by Marcia Vidal Nolte – Ray, a mid-20s-something with good intentions but a troubled past, wants to give parenting his best shot. They say you learn how to be a parent through the years, but what about when you get a teenage son overnight?

Getting Rid of the Rat by Cori Thomas – What is worse, divorce or an infestation of rats? Lori and Miranda soon find out rats are maybe a little worse.

Talk Therapy Talk by Mark Erson – Differing schools of thought have turned friends into enemies. What happens when different theories of therapy come into play on a date? After all, isn’t therapy supposed to make us healthier?

Bad Daters by Derek Murphy – Wendy and Liam are on a blind date. Wendy brought a gun, just in case; Liam brought a confession. These are two opposites that do not attract.

Better Angels by Rachael Murray – A couple of new moms are blindsided by a problem with their little Gracie they never saw coming, and neither did their shrink.

All plays directed by Robert Neapolitan and Stage Managed by Eric Berkeley. The various roles are played by Paul Carrazzone, Jonathan D’Rozario, Samantha Simone, and Briana Rynee.

About Unlimited Stages
Unlimited Stages is an experience that presents new and reimagined stories by writers, directors, actors, or any other performance artists at all levels of their career, while simultaneously transforming every available space into a performing stage. Unlimited Stages seeks to put on The Unlimited Show, a truly collaborative experience that allows new and established artists a chance to show the world the things that make them shine. The overall goal for Unlimited Stages is to highlight the uniqueness of artists and the space they inhabit.

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