Uniforms for the End of Time IV
curated by Nicholas Cueva

Born in a politically vibrant time (2019-2021) the series of shows is an attempted reflection on our desire to be a part of certain teams and to be identified with certain causes and classes. The title “Uniforms for the End of Time” is a reference to the overall dread many felt during the pandemic. Many religious persons saw these times through the light of their ideas of an apocalypse. Even many non-believers felt there was some movement towards some eschaton. This show, with some humor, imagines an army of love and hope standing against the many who would take the power in the fear of these times and use it for their own end.

The show Uniforms for the End of Time IV is the fourth in this show’s series. It consists of a small group show by a variety of artists with a component of artist made tee shirts being available. The show is made open to conversation and is allowed to shift and change as the times demand.

During the pandemic many artists’ lost jobs and financial stability. This series of shows was created to get artists some smaller and easier sales, while also providing space for art conversation in a time of social and societal confusion.

About the Curator: 

Nicholas Cueva was born in Dana Point, California in 1983. He received his MFA from SAIC in 2011, and has lived in New York since. He has exhibited widely throughout the United States, including group exhibitions at the Torrance Museum of Art (CA) and Ess Ef Eff (Brooklyn, NY) and solo exhibitions at MPTSN and Dreamboat (Chicago, IL), among others.

For more information about Nicholas and his work visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Participating Artists:

Bianca Abdi-BoragiJudi KeeshanKeisha Prioleau-Martin • Phil Hardly • Jamie MartinezNick DePirro • Jose Gonzalez • Virginia Lee-MontgomeryMasha VlasovaNicholas OhA Young YuAntonius BuiRachel CohenNicholas CuevaKat ChamberlinYoung Joo LeeZach FederbushGil RileyMatt Ostroff

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