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Unapologetically Here features ten artists of color across multiple cultures and disciplines such as photography, collages, video, paintings, and illustrations focused on themes of cultural identity, empowerment, feminism, inclusivity, and the path of exploring and reclaiming their own authentic creative expression and space in the world. Each artist featured provides a window into their creative journey helping connect various parts of the world in one visual space (artists work on display have roots in Iran, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and Haiti to name a few).

Featured Artists: Carmen Daneshmandi, Talisa Almonte, Neha Kapil, Briana Moreira, Nabila Wirakusumah, Jenny Desrosiers, Vanezza Cruz, Mia Ohki, Amara Ramdhanny, Efiba Kyiamah

Curated by Bianca Jean-Pierre


There is enough pressure to mold ourselves into who society believes we should be while SHEER encourages freedom of expression and celebrating ourselves unapologetically. The word “SHEER” is a play on transparency and being seen. You’re free to exist in all of your nuance and complexities and explore the identity that resonates best with you. Not a label, stereotype, or the expectation of others, you’re free to be human. SHEER sits at the intersection of arts, culture, and social justice providing a multicultural platform for creatives of color to represent their identities on their own terms whether influenced by their cultures or manifesting new and authentic ways of expression.

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