Trilean Logic
curated by Kristin Reed, Danny Licul, and Jennie Booth

The group exhibition Trilean Logic is curated by the triumvirate of Chashama studio artists—Jennie Booth, Danny Licul and Kristin Reed. This exhibition explores work by 28 fellow studio artists, all part of the Chashama Space to Create program at The Brooklyn Army Terminal. The artists presented considers the theme of a triad in a variety of contrasting and surprising ways. These artists offer new ways to explore the number “3” and its universality in drawing, painting, mixed media and video.

Trilean is a logic system in which there are three truth values indicating true, false and some indeterminate third value. The supposition of the curators is that this system acknowledges that art exists in ambiguity and gray zones which animate mystery and the unknown. Three is an auspicious number. It is wholeness, completion, positive affirmation and geometric perfection.

Participating Artists: Alberte Bernier, Alicia Degener, Barry Rosenthal, Beatrix Piesh, Brian Zeeger, Bruce Campbell, Caleb Nussear, Dalit Gurevich, Danny Licul, David Jacobsen Loncle, Dean Radinovsky, Deming King Harriman, Eric Strauss, Howard Gladstone, Jane Zweibel, Jeanne Marie Wasilik, Jennie Booth, Jonathan Fischer, Katherine Daniels, Kostas Kiritsis, Kristin Reed, Laura Stein, Linda Lee Nicholas, Muriel Stockdale, Pamela Lawton, Stephanie Norberg, Syd Glasser, Townsend West

About the Curators: 

Jennie Booth is a widely exhibited Brooklyn-based artist. Painting, drawing and sculpture are key to her practice.

For more information on Jennie and her work visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

Danny Licul is a painter living and working in Brooklyn who has exhibited nationally and internationally.

For more information on Danny and his work visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Kristin Reed lives and works in Brooklyn and exhibits her paintings, drawings and mixed media pieces in New York and internationally. She has curated a number of exhibitions.

For more information on Kristin and her work visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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