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September 7: Genuine Fake
The evening features three major new commissions by Qubit composers as they try to center the impossible co-ordinates of contemporary reality into sound and music.

Jessie Marino’s The Vanity of Small Differences, Part 1 will begin the evening, followed by Aaron Einbond’s Attempt at Exhausting a Place. The piece is centered on recordings that Einbond made in Paris, recasting Georges Perec’s descriptions of the city in 1974 as both familiar and distant today.

David Bird’s work, How To, is a mashup of some of the most idiosyncratic how-to videos on the internet and YouTube in particular. The piece recombines audio and video from different how-to videos towards a surreal and uncanny effect.

Alec Hall brings to life a series of wellness products along, life coaching strategies and community building exercises in Getting to We. Structured within a corporate call-in ladder, this immersive experience features the artist MarieVic and choreography by KatieRose McLaughlin.

September 8: spaceinitiative
The following day picks up with Part 2 of Jessie Marino’s The Vanity of Small Differences, followed by FAME, a 40-minute theatrical work for solo violist that reimagines some of the biggest musical hits of all time.

The evening concludes with performances of rarely heard French composers, including works by Pierre Jodlowski, Louis d’Houdières and Michelle Agnès. Rounding out the festival is a performance of captivating performative video installation work Vertical Horizons.

About Qubit
Qubit is a contemporary music and performance art initiative founded in 2010 by Alec Hall and Bryan Jacobs. Its principal mission is to foster the development of emergent voices by working with young composers whose work has yet to reach wide audiences, and to explore and develop new and experimental technologies as they relate to performance practice, sonic aesthetics, and public engagement. Qubit plays a unique role in New York City’s artistic geography. With an emphasis on the creative use of technology,  Qubit harnesses divergent forms of experimentation in music, sound, and visual aesthetics that speak to our contemporary condition. The mobile, non-static nature of the organization enables us to challenge traditional curatorial practices of time-based works, and to engage audiences with works and experiences that begin to express the creative possibilities of the 21st century.

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