Tiny Portals
Kate Quarfordt

Tiny Portals is a glimpse into painter and mixed-media artist Kate Quarfordt’s daily practice of making art in repurposed books. Envisioning each page as a portal to a luminous dreamscape or a vividly re-imagined reality, Quarfordt’s work invites viewers to grapple with the multiplicity and expansiveness of their own inner lives. The exhibition will showcase limited edition photographs of the artist’s painted journals and a site-specific mural that will evolve each day. Each evening Quarfordt will invite a fellow artist, musician, or performer to join her in a shared creative ritual on IG Live, transforming the space into a portal-like conduit for expansive artistic connection despite the social distance.

About the Artist

Kate Quarfordt is a painter and mixed-media artist whose luminous abstract works evoke inner landscapes and portals into other worlds. A frequent collaborator with singers, performers, writers, and activists, Quarfordt also creates multidisciplinary works that explore the inner multitudes of women’s lives and invoke stories of resistance and resilience. In addition to her visual art practice, Quarfordt is a singer, performer, theater director, educator, and mother of three. She is a proud member of The Resistance Revival Chorus, using music as a form of activism in venues ranging from protest rallies to Carnegie Hall. A co-founder of City School of the Arts, an arts-based middle school in Manhattan, she teaches interdisciplinary art classes and directs theater. Quarfordt studied Fine Art and Theater at Northeastern University and received her masters from the Teachers College at Columbia University. She lives in Brooklyn.

To learn more about Kate Quarfordt and her work, visit her website, her Facebook, and her Instagram.

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