Thoughts & Prayers, Another Round of Vacant Stares
hosted by Art Hustle

Thoughts & Prayers, Another Round of Vacant Stares is curated by Christy O’Connor, is an analysis of the American gun culture. This exhibition highlights artwork that examines the impact guns have within our nation, as a symbol of power and freedom, or as an instrument to incite fear and cause harm. Firearms affect all American populations and demographics. The artwork featured in this exhibition is meant to facilitate a dialog on the divisive iconology of guns, the power or fear they represent, as they allow some to become empowered, while suppressing others.

Participating Artists include Nanette Reynolds Beachner, Chee Bravo, Kimberly Camp, Wendy Cohen, Pam Cooper, Leslie Anne Condon, Timothy Dill, Patrick Hay, E. Sherman Hayman, Cheryl Gross & Nicelle Davis, Joy on Fire, Gusty Kincaid, Kathleen Hurley Liao, Local Artist, George Lorio, Tali Margolin, Brian McCormack, ChurchOf.Art, Stacey AS Pritchard, Margaret Roleke, Dominic Sansone, Danielle Scott, Joan Sonnenfeld, Suprina, Kenechi Unachukwu, Jodi Walker, Sue Eldridge Ward, and Kristen T. Woodward.

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Curator Christy O’Connor and Art Hustle are excited to collaborate with Moms Demand Action, Gays Against Guns, and Unload USA. Through these partnerships we will deliver programming that is inspiring and educational for activists, artists, and community members alike.

About Art Hustle:
Art Hustle was established in 2017 to develop engaging art exhibitions throughout the state of New Jersey and to provide opportunities for artists to work with various art spaces. As times continue to change, so does Art Hustle, as we begin to develop virtual exhibition platforms and online programming.

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