Thinking about the future...
curated by Adrian Lee

“Who has the concept ‘tomorrow?’ Of whom do we say this?”
–Ludwig Wittgenstein, Remarks on Color, #116

Reformed thought criminal bides time

It’s Saturday night at the fratty club of the present and it looks like your now-ex-best friend the future has flaked on you again.

People speak of yesterday—they say “I didn’t come down with yesterday’s rain,” or, “that’s yesterday’s news” or “it seems like only yesterday…”

Though tomorrow and the future are unrelated, they are mistaken for siblings, or cousins.

Tomorrow is not worth mentioning. Tomorrow is yesterday paying the bills.

Period of intense dreaming

If the present is only the tomorrow of yesterday, how can the future arrive?

Memo: artists, driven to the present as if by fate, devise installations, videos, drawings, paintings, and sculptures for, from, against, in loving memory of, and despite the future.

Participating Artists
Sher Chew & Shawna Wu
Georgia Cronin
Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé
James Joseph
Olivea Pearl Kelly
Virginia Lopez
Austin Noll
Dylan Musler
Anny Oberlink & LJ Frezza
Betty Roytburd
Sam Taffel

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