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Wisdom, Candles & More has curated an immersive candle making workshop experience that invigorates attendees mind, body and souls. Attendees will have the opportunity to create one of kind candles from scratch through an instructor led workshop. Following the workshop attendees will be treated to an immersive performing arts show while sipping on bubbly and snacking on savory bites. The performance be centered on incorporating Wisdom Candles products into modern day scenarios. (E.G., Through song and dance performers will reenact a modern scenario such as long day at work and coming home to use one of our scented candles for aroma therapy or soaking in a tub while using one of our soaps.)

Featuring art by Paco Silhouette.

About Wisdom Candles & More

Wisdom Candles & More combines handmade sustainable products with ancient ideologies to share wisdom in our modern life.

Their handmade candles and soaps aspire to evoke relaxation and deep thought. Their candles are long burning soy blends and the soaps make skin feel soft and silky with flavorful curated fragrances. Happy Journey to you with Wisdom in Everything.

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About the Co-Founders

Mom Mercedes and daughter Nadine joined together in May 2020 to create Wisdom Candles & More.  Prior to the 2020 Pandemic Nadine was a global event producer known for creating immersive experiences for some of the most established and recognized brands in the world.  As the Pandemic continued to loom ahead and events were cancelled, she set her sights on events for a post COVID World.  “I felt creating a signature scent that would be identifiable for only our parties would add an extra sensory experience for our attendees.  I got Mom onboard and she started learning how to make candles.”  As it turns out, Mercedes was a natural at playing with waxes and Nadine at mixing fragrances.  As time went on, they realized this was something they both enjoyed.  “It gave us so much joy and something to look forward to. At the same time, the promise of big events coming back kept getting further and further away.  I felt it was time to refocus and make the big shift from producing events and concerts to producing candles, soaps and more that help enlighten this journey of life.”

Nadine has studied theology, philosophy and wisdom since her late teens. An avid lover of searching into the unknown and always fascinated by the secrets of the Universe and Wisdom, this has become part of her life journey.  As a Producer, Nadine understands the stress  and pressures of today and how hard it is to stay rooted and calm when so much is happening around us at alarming rates.  Finding and meditating on  “Golden Nuggets” of Wisdom has kept her sane in some of her hardest moments. She finds wisdom everyday in different forms, listening to others, music, reading traditional and non-traditional books on theology and philosophy.  For Nadine it’s about knowing when to apply the right wisdom to the right circumstance and trying her best to make people feel better after crossing paths with her.  Understanding the essence of this is pure living in the most simple yet complete, unabashed way possible. Nadine’s hope is that Wisdom, Candles and more evokes the same simplicity along with moments of deep relaxation and enlightenment.

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