The World in Our Hands
Carla Gimbatti

When Carla Gimbatti began using fingerprints and hands as a way of portraying people, she was struck by their singularity and beauty. “The marks in our hands vary from one person to another an are a reflection of our bodies, experiences, influences and life stories: they mirror our intricate, unique worlds.” Creating abstract landscapes where an image is built from a collaboration with another human has become the core of Gimbatti’s practice.

About Carla Gimbatti
After graduating from university in Argentina, with a background in economy, Gimbatti worked with women and street children for many years. While volunteering in a project using art therapy, she was inspired by the power of art to help express, achieve, and heal. Gimbatti attended photography, painting and sculpture workshops in Buenos Aires that allowed her to start a new path; she then participated in a painting certificate program at the New York Studio School in 2016-2017.

You can find more of her work on her website here.

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