The Weather Within
Alex Nero

EcoArt Project launches Rebound-NYC, a series of pop-up art installations in collaboration with Chashama. It is pleased to present the solo artist exhibition Alex Nero: The Weather Within. The artist’s visual exploration of emotions and personal responsibility parallels the global climate crisis. The artist views the entrenched perspective of climate-change denial as an internal weather pattern—a frozen mindset that humans need to thaw in order to shift.

“If we are frozen in our ways, then we’re cold. We’re neither warmed by nature nor can we be in touch with it—we’re at the point that is farthest away. So in order to move past denial, all we have to do is observe the weather within. If you pay attention, you can’t deny the climate crisis.”  — Alex Nero.

The Weather Within will debut a new series of projection pieces (“Monoliths”) alongside prints from the artist’s collection of experiments with fluid dynamics. The artist’s digital photographs capture the striking interactions of his chosen paints and water. Directly addressing climate-change denial, Nero’s Monoliths represent massive structures of “obviousness” that can’t be ignored if one is consciously present in the room.

About EcoArt Project:

Curated by Alicia Lubowski-Jahn on behalf of EcoArt Project. EcoArt Project is a NYC-based 501c3 organization founded in 2010 by Pino Fortunato. The mission of EcoArt Project is to catalyze environmental awareness and climate change action through art and design. EcoArt Project establishes collaborations with artists and creative minds and promotes them on the online Showcase—a digital platform to document a vibrant green art movement. Over the past ten years of our activity, we have published over 1,500 artists around the globe. This is a digital forum with global viewership, including world-leading art institutions, brands, publications, creative agencies, commercial galleries, talent agencies, collectors, curators, design studios, architecture firms, writers, and more. We have also organized salon mixers with artists and scientists, awarded prizes, and funded residency programs with international cultural exchanges.

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About the Artist:

Alex Nero (b. March 26, 1986, Ukraine) is an American interdisciplinary artist living and working in New York City. His colorful experiments with paint and fluid dynamics explore subtle connections in presence, perception, and subjective reality. Nero’s imagery inspires a dialogue with the subconscious and spans a variety of forms, including photography, sculpture, new media, and installation art. His work has reached millions and can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

For more information on Alex visit his website here or follow him on Instagram.

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