The Unknown Grievances of Lovers
Diana Carla Rowe

The Unknown Grievances of Lovers is an exhibition centering the themes of unrequited love and the many things left unsaid in relationships that aren’t completely wrapped in intimacy and soft affections. In Diana Carla Rowe’s second solo exhibition she examines the grief of people who feel they are seen as kept objects. The works on canvas serve as commentary and introspection on queer friendship and hookup culture, citing that often there are blurred lines of platonic intimacy that could be mistaken for more. The work pulls inspiration from the many journals compiled over the course of years and personal experience. The exhibit explores the interpersonal battles of transparency and the fear of vexation and abandonment.

About the Artist

Diana Carla Rowe is a self taught Jamaican American Queer painter and poet based in Brooklyn.

Her primary medium is acrylic and oil on canvas, She works with cathartic themes of love and grief. She has created installations for Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Revolt, and more. Her work can be described as surrealist automatism as well as mixed media abstractions. There is a repetitive nature that carries through her work representing the passing faces and emotions of those around her. This is her second solo exhibition following behind “The Colors of Generational Grief” at Miami Art Basel 2022.

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