The Thought Experience
Roger Wu

An immersive interactive art experience located at the heart of Times Square, The Thought Experience combines today’s pressing topics with conceptual art and will be featuring the most expensive piece of art ever.

Some of the exhibits ask the following:

What is a hamburger? How much does it cost to live in NYC? Why are some things that seem similar so extremely different? What is good art? What is the state of sport in America? And more!

About the Artist

Behind The Thought Experience is Roger Wu who started his career at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street, took a detour through Hollywood by acting in Law and Order, Zoolander, and other shows, and started a few technology companies, two of which sold. He has created art since 2010 and won a Webby Award for “Trapped” in the Experimental category. He holds a Guinness Record, competed in eating contests and bodybuilding (not at the same time), and is on the board of Brooklyn Curling and ChaShaMa. He holds three degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and lives in New York.

For more information on Roger visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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