The Leisure Revolution
Harlem River Yacht Club

The Leisure Revolution is a concept that combines relaxation, human connection, and emotional release, encapsulated in the tagline “Relax. Relate. Release.”

Relaxation: Immerse yourself in a haven of tranquility with dedicated relaxation zones that include comfortable seating, hammocks, and ambient music. Relaxation specialists will be on hand to provide guidance and promote mindfulness.

Relate: Engage with like-minded individuals in our community spaces designed for social interaction and networking. Share experiences, stories, and ideas in a supportive and friendly environment.

Release: Discover innovative ways to release stress and negative energy through guided workshops, art therapy, meditation sessions, and more. The Leisure Revolution empowers participants to let go and find balance in their lives.

The Leisure Revolution is not just an event; it’s a movement that seeks to redefine leisure in an urban setting. Harlem River Yacht Club is excited to collaborate with ChaShaMa and create a space where people can rejuvenate, connect, and find solace within the bustling city. More information about the event, including a detailed schedule, can be found on the Harlem River Yacht Club website.

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About the Artist

Harlem River Yacht Club is a premier leisure and recreation destination that aims to provide a space for relaxation, community, and personal growth. With a focus on inclusivity, the club offers a wide range of activities, live shows and events that cater to diverse interests. “We believe that everyone deserves a chance to unwind and experience relaxation in the midst of their busy lives,” says Mumzie Franklin, spokesperson for Harlem River Yacht Club. “The Leisure Revolution is our way of offering a much-needed respite to New Yorkers and visitors, and we’re thankful for ChaShaMa’s support in making this vision a reality.”

For more information about Harlem River Yacht Club visit their website and follow them on Instagram.


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